old tv still works with latest gadgets

  finerty 21:07 10 Sep 2011

old tv still works with latest gadgets

i thought it would be impossible

  Woolwell 21:54 10 Sep 2011

Digibox with a rf modulator will be fine with any old set using the aerial socket.

  Aitchbee 21:59 10 Sep 2011

I've got a small 2" screen, portable, hand-held sanyo TV - about the size of a 'kindle' - slightly smaller - it's got a pull-up aerial and takes 4 X AA batteries.It's about 25 years old. Will it be operational when everything goes digital? It's still in good nick.

  Woolwell 23:08 10 Sep 2011

No. It's not got a digital decoder.

  morddwyd 07:54 11 Sep 2011

Must be a bit more to it than "minor modifications" surely?

Won't an rf modulator connected to a digibox will still give a 625 line signal, and that is a 405 line set?

  wiz-king 08:52 11 Sep 2011

If my memory serves me correctly the 405 -625 mod was a fairly simple capacitor change and a twiddle with some resistor values.

  morddwyd 10:11 11 Sep 2011

Ah, those were the days, when you could actually change components and adjust values.

Spent many happy hours tweaking torpedo electronics panels, with my colleagues mocking me for not just changing the panel.

Like building your own PC, if you haven't got the urge, you'll never understand!

  wiz-king 16:11 11 Sep 2011

Many a happy hour spent adjusting the heater voltages on a pair of 6697 valves in a Ampliphase amplifier trying to get the inter-mod products down and the sproggies out of the RF output whilst seeing the water round the ship 'boil' at max RF output. (50KW with 15KV on the anodes)

  morddwyd 20:26 11 Sep 2011


I'm afraid you've lost me.

Mine were air dropped torpedoes and outputs such as you have described would have done peculiar things to airfield and aircraft radars, to say nothing of electrically initiated weapons carried and stored alongside!

  robgf 23:13 11 Sep 2011

On the subject of old TVs. One of my neighbours uses an old portable, without a digibox and it works fine. I thought she must be mistaken, as our area (northants) switched over months ago. But I have seen it working, using the sets own ariel, so it must be picking up analogue signals from somewhere. I tried my own TV without the digibox, but couldn't pick up anything?????

  Quickbeam 00:53 12 Sep 2011

Did the the 'minor modifications' require the use of a beer can by any chance.

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