Old Persons Road Signs

  Kev.Ifty 21:01 20 Aug 2008

Do you give a flying... Or are you insulted by the traditional 'Old Person' Road sign? click here

What would be your alternative replacement? Not these I hope.... click here

I think an effigy of an old cantankerous geezer using a fork to pop next doors Kids ball might work!

No? ;-)


  csqwared 21:27 20 Aug 2008

I have absolutely no problem at all with the sign. The problem I have is that a sign is needed in the first place. If drivers/riders fail to see people in the road how on earth are they supposed to see a sign?

  oresome 21:48 20 Aug 2008

Many drivers do see pedestrians in the road, but assume they have the agility to make a dash for the kerb to get out of their way!

  Pamy 22:20 20 Aug 2008

I have no problem with the sign. It shows that you are approaching an area where the elderly live and may be trying to cross the road and that you should take care by slowing down and be ready to stop for them.

  jakimo 22:33 20 Aug 2008

Does it require a sign to warn a driver that the person crossing the road is elderly.or are there some people who don't know what elderly people look like (heavens forbid)

  Bingalau 22:37 20 Aug 2008

I think it is a really good sign.. It hasn't offended anyone since it was first designed and it has been successful. So why change it? I'm 78 and it doesn't worry me. I suppose I must look just like it now and again, I certainly feel like it now and again. Maybe they could and should, make it bigger?

  al's left peg 23:05 20 Aug 2008

Some cruel youngsters in Ponteland, near Newcastle had written underneath the sign "warninig coffin dodgers" It was near an old peoples home and pretty close to the Northumbria Police headquaters. It was not like that for long!

  Si_L 23:54 20 Aug 2008

From a distance it looks like a bend in the road, the way they are hunched over.

Is it actually offending old people, have they asked them? Or are they assuming this on their behalf?

  newman35 07:09 21 Aug 2008

If the spelling was the same as you put it, then the offenders need help, otherwise no problem for me - we are ALL coffin dodgers aren't we?
I'm sure the old folk found it quite amusing.

  Jim Thing 18:59 21 Aug 2008

I'll be 80 next birthday and, like young Bingalau, I'm not the least bit offended — in fact I'd find it difficult to suggest a more readily recognisable sign.

I'm sure there are people who wake up every morning wondering who'll be first to offend them that day. We should just ignore them.

Off-topic note to csqwared:

What's a gimmer? Google tells me it's a female sheep. You're not a you, are ewe?

Seriously, I'm interested in dialect words and haven't heard that one before. Is gimmer a dialect word in your part of the country? What part is that?

Please feel free to respond via the yellow envelope if you prefer.

TIA, Jim.

  wiz-king 19:32 21 Aug 2008

A female sheep (ewe) that has not yet bourne a lamb and is two years old. - From the Icelandic 'gymbr'- Annandale's Concise English Dictionary 1901

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