Old Floppies v. Wine

  Ancient Learner 20:43 01 Jun 2005

It being a miserable day here, and having received a delivery of some wine, I needed to make space for the latter.

At the back of the cupboard were some fancy plastic holders of floppies that I had forgotten about.

About 40 5.5"(I think) floppies (the true floppy),some going back to 1989, not mine though, they came with the PC my daughter gave me when I retired. I remember the advance made by the present day 3.5" floppy and the fun of copying games on the 5.5" to the new size and hoping they would work. I doubt that there are many, if any, machines out there that can read them, so they are getting dust-binned.

Then there are umpteen standard 3.5" floppies. Interesting stuff on some of these.
DGen - what did that do I wonder. FltSim4. Hd/Format. Fast Back DOS. FlexPlus DOS. XTG Zip. Stacker. Quarterdeck (Mem. manager). Nu-Zip-Disk. Pkunpak. Microsoft MS-Dos 5.0. Quarterdeck Clean Sweep. and so on.

Most of this stuff worked most of the time, and other times made the PC crash, and then it was a day later that you were back again, and this without the interference of the Internet - - not much different to nowadays really, at least not for me. I remember the trickiness of it all, but I have little idea what they did for us in those days.

I wonder if anyone else has a hidden store, or is everyone ruthless in chucking old stuff out.

WE also have dozens of audio cassettes with games on them that fed my son's PC,which he won't take off our hands, but also won't let us throw.

  Pooke 21:29 01 Jun 2005

I moved in with my fiancee and there are hundreds, yes hundreds of floppy disks from her old amiga plus cables etc etc, the amiga doesn't function anymore and still she hangs on to all the stuff.....grrrr

  Colinp 22:25 01 Jun 2005

I think NASA was after a load of these old floppies. They couldn't find any so had put the word out. We want them

  Forum Editor 23:25 01 Jun 2005

of them out there - we have at least 500 in my office, including Windows 95 and Microsoft Office. They're tucked away in a cupboard, and I can't bring myself to ditch them. Each time I screw up the courage I back off at the last minute - "you never know" says the little voice at the back of my mind. So they stay where they are for another six months or so.

  spuds 23:31 01 Jun 2005

As Colinp states, Nasa were seeking the old floppies. Apparently they still use them, and there stocks are getting low. Contact Nasa, they may offer you a spectacular trip!.

  Pooke 23:42 01 Jun 2005

i thought he was being funny or sumthin.....

cool, sorry colinp.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:05 02 Jun 2005

I am fairly ruthless with storage. Anything that is not used or worn for 12 months is thrown out or taken to the charity shop. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who have large garages full of bits of wood and old tat and new cars out on the drive all the time...bonkers. If you don't use it, lose it.


  DieSse 01:11 02 Jun 2005

"5.5"(I think) floppies (the true floppy)"

Oh no they ain't

I still keep a couple of 8" floppies to surprise people with - now they really were floppy!!

"Did you know" that floppy disks were invented by IBM for maintenance and fault-finding on their large mainframes - as a quick and dirty way of running test programs. These were 8" and single sided, and 180Kb (I think).

Ah - those were the days - sigh ........

  anchor 09:30 02 Jun 2005

Forum Editor: You can be sure that the day after that you throw them away, will be the day you really need them. Be like me, the original squirrel; keep everything. My wife complains all the time.

DieSse: Nostalgia is not what it used to be.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:11 02 Jun 2005

ps...all the programmes on my floppies were copied to a CD and then deleted when I realised that they were of no worth.


  Diemmess 12:36 02 Jun 2005

Tandy TRSDOS-I, had 8" single sided floppys which had to store the operating system as well as any program (written in BASIC)

The floppy drive during, use would slowly shift its head position and eventually would no longer read floppys which were more than a year or so old. To avoid this the owner was recommended to have a service engineer realign the write/read head as an annual event.

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