Old cars minimum £2000 trade-in?

  Armchair 10:05 23 Apr 2009

Have I got this right? The new government scheme aimed at getting older polluting cars off the roads is to guarantee a £2000 trade-in for any cars over ten years old? Is that against buying a new car, or does it include used cars as well?

The oldest car I've ever owned was eight years old when I traded it in so this isn't going to benefit me personally. Maybe I should sell my (08 plate) car now, and buy an old Polo or something for £400 or whatever, then trade it in as soon as the scheme starts? What do you reckon?

  wiz-king 10:23 23 Apr 2009

Read the small print!
You have had to have owned the car for at least a year, it must be roadworthy (taxed + MOT)and you must buy a new car.

  Armchair 10:31 23 Apr 2009

See, I haven't read the small print. The scheme hasn't staretd yet, though, so I'd have time to buy and own said old car and be ready.

  Picklefactory 11:00 23 Apr 2009

I suppose it depends on what you can get for your 08 plate? With the car market as is, you could possibly lose the £2k trade in on devaluation of your current motor.

  Armchair 11:06 23 Apr 2009

This is true. I'll not do anything. Might as well keep this one for 10 years!

  interzone55 11:09 23 Apr 2009

I'm pretty sure the scheme requires you to buy a British built car as well, so as to try to clear the backlog from the lots around Honda, Nissan, Vauxhall & Ford.

Also, the government will give a grand & the manufacturer the balance, so a lot of cars will be going up by about £1,000...

  Noldi 11:11 23 Apr 2009

"and buy an old Polo or something for £400 or whatever, then trade it in as soon as the scheme starts? What do you reckon?"

If what I read yesterday is correct you have to own the car for 1 year minium before you can ORDER the new car.


  interzone55 11:13 23 Apr 2009

Another point is

Is the type of person who drives a car until it dies likely to buy a new car? In my experience they tend to by second hand cars in the first place.

Lastly, most countries tout this as a green scheme to reduce emissions. What percentage of a cars total emissions are generated during it's manufacture? I'm thinking that driving a 10 year old car is a lot less polluting than scrapping it and building a new one...

  Armchair 11:13 23 Apr 2009

Order? I picked up this VW Fox new a week after I first visited the dealer.

  Noldi 11:33 23 Apr 2009

"Order? I picked up this VW Fox new a week after I first visited the dealer".

That is Ok if what they have suites your needs but if you want a few extras then normally its a couple of months wait and up to 6 months at the moment for things like a BMW X3. But that’s not the point you can’t go and buy an old 10 year old boner and change it a week later for a 2K discount.

I agree with Alan14 people who buy new cars are normally changing cars more frequently than every 10 years.


  carver 11:49 23 Apr 2009

I don't think this will do very much for new car sales at all, most people who have a new car are either on lease or trading in a 3 year old car.

Whats the point in buying a new car when one at 12 months old can be had for 60-70% of it's new value.

Last car I bought was 12 months old and the saving I made was over £12000.00 and I prefer that to the snob value of having a brand new car.

You only have to look here click here brand new £16000 12 months old nearly 1/2 price,

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