Ok to shoot Wood Pigeons in a residential garden?

  Cara2 12:08 19 Jul 2010

My neighbour did this (apparently because it was 'opportunist'). I am very angry and wondered if, legally, he is able to do this?

  Woolwell 12:23 19 Jul 2010

The protection and the shooting of any wild bird is covered by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. A general licence is required to shoot wood pigeons which may be allowed to stop damage or disease.
See click here see schedule 2.
There are wildlife inspectors. Suggest you contact DEFRA click here

  sunnystaines 12:31 19 Jul 2010

i always thought pidgeons were pest status along with crows and canada geese and few others

  Cara2 12:44 19 Jul 2010

Thanks for the link Woolwell.

However,it was difficult to determine whether it is specifically okay to have shot the w/pigeon in a back garden?

"It is legal to shoot the bird all the year
round. The Woodpigeon makes good eating and provides nourishing cheap food".

I would like to clear the air with my neighbour (certainly not fall out over this), so I need to know where I am coming from.

I doubt it will happen again as it was his visiting son and grandson who shot the bird. However the neigbour did know what was going on.

Sadly, all the bird life seems to have gone now for the moment.

  Quickbeam 12:45 19 Jul 2010

I just buy mine off the game market, there's not much on them anyway:)

  Woolwell 12:54 19 Jul 2010

See also click here and you could ask Natural England for their views click here.

There is also a safety issue of shooting in a garden.

  Ulysse 12:59 19 Jul 2010

I believe that it is illegal to discharge any firearm within 25m of another propery or public area so if he was within that distance of the property on which he was shooting then it would be illegal to shoot anything.
As Woolwell has stated, there is also a safety issue - the pellets which miss do not just stop where the target is but continue for some distance and are still moving rapidly as they fall.

  Ulysse 13:00 19 Jul 2010

'property on which he was shooting' should read 'boundary of the property on which he was shooting'.

  Woolwell 13:32 19 Jul 2010

Was this an air rifle or shotgun?

  Cara2 13:43 19 Jul 2010

Air rifle.

  Woolwell 15:31 19 Jul 2010

DEFRA, Natural England and your local council environmental health are probably best to ask. I found DEFRA to be quite polite about my enquiry about a farmer and his muck spreading.

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