O.J.Simpson jailed for 15 years

  Sapins 18:43 05 Dec 2008
  Tim1964 20:10 05 Dec 2008

I can't help thinking that 'Joe Public' would have got a lot longer.

It may not have been a 'kidnap the bank manager and rob the safe' job but it was still kidnapping and armed robbery none the less.

  bluto1 22:41 05 Dec 2008

He might even make the prison footie team.

  peter99co 23:17 05 Dec 2008

Lengthy Sentence

click here

  rdave13 23:19 05 Dec 2008

Death penalty out of the question then?

  tullie 07:23 06 Dec 2008

He could be out in five.

  Forum Editor 08:13 06 Dec 2008

I imagine that as far as millions of people outside America are concerned OJ Simpson is someone who is famous for being in court - they have no idea about his life before that, and they probably couldn't care less what happens to him.

  Colin 11:45 06 Dec 2008

His performances in The Naked Gun films should have warranted a prison sentence!

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