OIL "record high 114 dollars"

  charmingman 17:48 15 Apr 2008

this is becoming crazy it was only lastnight i was telling someone the price was a record $110 then today its almost $114 this effect nearly everything we all use the price is just going to be mental

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  Forum Editor 18:37 15 Apr 2008

of the volatility in the market, and of the way the US dollar isn't exactly at its best right now.

There's no need for panic, that's precisely what we don't want at the moment.

  ulrich 18:40 15 Apr 2008

Will be happy more money in the coffers.

  Forum Editor 19:08 15 Apr 2008

I've heard some daft comments in my time, but that one deserves a prize. If you think that record oil prices make a Chancellor happy you have absolutely no understanding of how it all works.

  peg 19:20 15 Apr 2008

how come ulrich gets a prize there has been hundreds of daft comments on this forum. I have made a few and i did not get a prize, bet he gets a LA FONera router

  peter99co 19:27 15 Apr 2008

Is ulrich perhaps refering to the extra VAT content in the fuel prices we all pay?

  anskyber 19:32 15 Apr 2008

I am sure he is but I imagine, if he thought for one moment it was not exactly a rounded opinion.

Of course it could have been tongue in cheek but things like that beg a rebuff.

  Forum Editor 19:38 15 Apr 2008

that prompted my admittedly terse response was that high oil prices make our government happy - which is plainly ludicrous. Sustained high oil prices mean higher inflation, and that's obviously undesirable, both for government and citizen.

  al's left peg 19:54 15 Apr 2008

F.E may I add to your point about inflation, that this great government of ours don't ever give us the real inflation figures. They exclude so many of the real cost of living items so we never really get the truth.
As politicians do, they don't lie, they just don't tell the truth!

  anskyber 19:59 15 Apr 2008

National Statistics do, and as far as I am aware no political part questions them click here You will see CPI and RPI.

But as it has been pointed out so many times price increases affect different people in different ways. Someone on a low income may feel food price increases more acutely than say someone better off who may in turn complain about the cost of petrol.

  oresome 20:09 15 Apr 2008

Inflation adjusted figures show that petrol now is little different in price to the early 1980s.

We have between times admittedly had a period of cheaper fuel which has helped produced a massive increase in traffic volumes and a fondness for gas guzzlers.

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