Oh No! Sight Problems (3)

  morddwyd 16:04 04 Feb 2011

Remember my sight problems?

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Having had a series of injections in the left eye the condition stabilised, so all was serene.

Now the right eye is acting up, and I start another series of injections, into the right eyeball this time, on Monday!

Just hope it works as well as the treatment on the left.

  sunnystaines 17:10 04 Feb 2011

wish you well

  jakimo 17:33 04 Feb 2011

Must be very worrying,particularly after your experience with your right eye.
My having dry eye and floaters is troublesome enough,but is no comparison to the problem your having.

wish you well

  ams4127 17:38 04 Feb 2011

You're having an INJECTION into your EYEBALL ?!!!

I feel ill....

  MAT ALAN 17:44 04 Feb 2011


Don't quite have the same affliction as you but been partially sighted in one eye since birth.
SO i'm feeling for ya mate and i hope all goes well

Regards Dave...

  Forum Editor 18:44 04 Feb 2011

into the right eyeball this time"

Words fail me - it sounds like something from a horror film. I'll be thinking of you on monday, but not in much detail if that's OK.

  spuds 18:54 04 Feb 2011

People just don't realise how precious their eyesight is until something happens, usually in later life.

Apologies for going off subject slightly, but jakimo when you were diagnosed with floaters, were you issued with an emergency attendance contact card?.

  octal 18:55 04 Feb 2011

Oh mate, I hope it all goes well for you. I can watch most operations, but eyes? No, I don't know what it is about eyes. You're brave feller.

  morddwyd 19:25 04 Feb 2011

Not really brave, it's just that I'm more scared of the alternative!

To be honest, it sounds much worse than it actually is.

The anaesthetic eye drops are very efficient, and the only time you feel anything is when the surgeon puts a bit of pressure on the eyeball as he withdraws the needle (much like the pressure put on the wound when you have blood taken) to seal the hole.

Don't half sting when the drops wear off though!

  Kevscar1 00:40 05 Feb 2011

I'd be shaking so much they would probably miss and stick it in my ear.
Hope it all goes well

  BT 09:40 05 Feb 2011

Quite right!

When I had my first Cataract op. I had injections around and into the corner of my eye, but for the second one it was all done with drops. Didn't feel a thing. The most uncomfortable thing is the very bright light in your eye which is almost painful, but it only takes a few minutes and worth the immediate improvement in your vision.
Had laser treatment on a retinal blood vessel recently without any aneasthetic, again the worst is the intensely bright light.

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