Oh no! Its huge.

  Blackhat 22:31 13 Sep 2007

WARNING, if you dont like spiders Do Not Click Here.

I am awaiting a new carpet so my floor is bare, I actually heard the patter of tiny foot steps on my floor boards before I saw this thing. Its got quite hairy legs.

click here

It has now disappeared under my skirting board?

I usually work in the dark with my firefly keyboard but I think I will leave the light on for now.

I know these things tend to come inside about this time of year but do you think this years weather has made them bigger?

  skidzy 22:38 13 Sep 2007

Wait till it has its babies then blackhat :-))

  Si_L 22:44 13 Sep 2007

click here

I saw one of these beauties when I was down under about 10 years ago. Its called a Huntsman spider, totally harmless. It was on the inside of the car door, it scared the hell outta me (I was only 8 at the time)

I also saw a black widow, and was dragged inside the house after spotting it :(

click here

  mrwoowoo 22:45 13 Sep 2007

I bet that title has made a lot of people look(O:!
That looks bigger than any spider i have seen.
Looks like a native species though.

  mrwoowoo 22:47 13 Sep 2007

If thats a huntsman then iv'e got plenty in my garage.

  Blackhat 22:51 13 Sep 2007

I believe my new friend is a common garden spider and they seek a warmer environment for breeding as the weather cools. I have regular spider friends but never one so big.

  Si_L 22:52 13 Sep 2007

I think they live pretty much worldwide but they are very rare in the UK and local to Australia.

  mrwoowoo 22:57 13 Sep 2007

Sorry,i wasn't refering to your huntsman picture,but Blackhats one.
Ignore me.

  sunny staines 22:59 13 Sep 2007

common english bath spider

  Forum Editor 23:03 13 Sep 2007

about this time of year"

That's actually a myth. House spiders (for that's what yours is) live inside all the time, and only a very few ever venture outside. These spiders have evolved to live in places where there is very little food or water, and can go for weeks without any liquid intake. That's why they are often seen trying to get out of the bath - they went there in search of the small amounts of water that can linger around the plughole, and they can't get back out again.

The myth that they come inside for the winter probably arose because at this time of year the spiders are mating, and what you see in the bath, and scuttling across the floor are males on the lookout for a mate.

They are completely harmless, and are an asset to any home - they eat the insects that you really don't want in any number. Leave your spider alone - he'll not have long to go in any case; once he finds a female he'll hang around her for a couple of weeks, mate with her several times and then die. The real myth is that the female kills him - she certainly eats him, but he dies without any help from her. Let him enjoy his last couple of weeks of life.

  Forum Editor 23:07 13 Sep 2007

No such thing - see my earlier post. It's a male house spider.

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