Oh My Gawd !! Heather Mills is back . . .

  Covergirl 14:15 09 Sep 2008

Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take this gob out of circulation ?

click here

Apologies in advance if you don't agree with me. I usually like Geordies, but I'm making an exception with this one.

  €dstowe 14:23 09 Sep 2008

She should just take the settlement money and hide. Doesn't she realise the hatred and derision she generates about herself? Obviously not.

  Clapton is God 14:25 09 Sep 2008

"PLEASE take this gob out of circulation ?"

What did you have in mind?

  peter99co 14:29 09 Sep 2008

I saw this in the Mail.

She is living in Cuckoo Land and is in serious need of a 'Shrink'

I suppose some will be interested in her babblings.

Who knows SIR may take out an injunction if she goes to far.

I have an intense dilike of both of them!
He must have seen it coming.

  NewestRoyWidd1 14:36 09 Sep 2008

At the moment,she is getting what she seems to craves most,publicity.
It would be nice to think that no publishing house will even contemplate this,but sadly if they think there's money to be made,then at least one will.

  Cymro. 15:12 09 Sep 2008

I personally don`t see what makes Heather Mills any more detestable than many such people in the eye of the public these days. She is some sort of celebrity and may well have more money than sense but is that not sometimes the way of things with celebrities?

Perhaps some of you have an advantage over me as I have never actually met the girl or taken any real interest in her goings on so you will forgive me for my ignorance on the matter.

  peter99co 15:31 09 Sep 2008

I think the word incidious comes to mind, without the subtle.

  cream. 17:07 09 Sep 2008

Of the very little I have read, one is as bad as the other.

  jack 17:20 09 Sep 2008

We are talking about her/it
The sooner we all go find something else to talk about the sooner she/it will fade away.
Like all the nonentities- they are famous for being famous.
FE- let you make a start lock this thread.

  Forum Editor 18:18 09 Sep 2008

but please try to write about her without resorting to personal abuse. It's not necessary, and I'll delete anything that fails the common decency test. Heather's a human being, and deserves better than some of the tacky remarks I've just deleted.

  Al94 19:07 09 Sep 2008

You're talking about her and that is exactly what she craves. Best ignored!

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