OH how out of date I am!

  jack O'lantern 10:45 01 Jan 2011

Having been 'confined' these last weeks because of the snow and the general desire to avoid sales crazed hordes- I suddenly felt the need to 'go out'
Where did I go?
Deciding to avoid the use of the car I caught the bus to Blue Water to rub shoulders with those 'Sales Crazed Hordes' and into places like PC World/Currys and John Lewis Tech dept.
In seemingly a few short months the field of computers-completely changed - Laptops reign it seems and the few desktop machines on display seem to be little better than screenless laptops stood on their side- all sealed up and with little scope for expansion.
And what about those allinone touch screen machines- are they really the business- or just another new plaything like the 'Tablets' one reads so much of?
I was contemplates moving on to a new machine but which way to go- Even with PCA's help it seems to be a complete puzzlement.

  Armchair 10:55 01 Jan 2011

Agreed. Even the desktop units they advertise as gaming PCs often only have a bottom of the range next to useless for gaming cheapo graphics card fitted, along with a PSU that isn't up to the job of powering a proper GPU.

I would either put togther your PC yourself (ie Buy the components separately online), or buy from a specialist PC builder (either online or high street). Either way, you'll get a PC with the exact components you want, that suits your particular budget.

  jack O'lantern 12:22 01 Jan 2011

Armchair -
Fortunately this is something I have done these last 25 years-even before the advent of the PC, so that is the way I shall probably go- though following my usual pattern it will not be an all 'New Machine' for starters the ATX case which is ten years old but by today's standards is built of armour plate will remain and only other bits will be replaced- a relatively expensive was to go - but you get the machine of your dreams rather then a cut price compromise.
I was commenting on the way things are going.
Similar to the early days of HiFi when it was all kits and separates- now all in one boxes with the ubiquitous 'No user serviceable parts inside' label.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:59 01 Jan 2011

Looked in Currys

"screenless laptops stood on their side- all sealed up and with little scope for expansion."

My thoughts exactly and the specs were rubbish.
Put me off buying looks like I'm also back to a BYO (build your own).


  spuds 16:57 01 Jan 2011

Since the recent refurbishment of our nearest PCW and near next door Currys, I find the contents of both these places are exactly the same. Worth a browse I suppose.

Over the Christmas period, 'old faithful' failed with an overheating psu, so out came alternatives. Didn't take long to find another psu, so as to bring 'old faithful' back to life.

Who wants to buy new, with all the bells and whistles, when in 12 months time, it will be 'old'?.

  Chegs ®™ 17:17 01 Jan 2011

I bought 2 machines a couple years ago,a top end laptop that is still better specs than the present offerings and got a desktop built for me that only needs an upgraded graphics card to become way better than any of the present off the shelf machines.I could simply switch to Win7 on both machines to get a "boost" in performance as Vista is the biggest culprit for slowing these machines down,probably cheaper to upgrade the OS on 2 machines than buy a high-end graphics card for 1. lol

  jack O'lantern 10:52 02 Jan 2011

on bringing the old back to life.

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