Oh to have a Nanny, sorry meant secretary

  carver 08:16 04 Mar 2009

Every time I see and read about this sort of thing I can't help but think that if this had been some one claiming benefits they could have expected to be in jail for fraud.

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But seeing as it's a British politician, she didn't mean to do it. Or as stated "but any breach of the rules was "unintentional", MPs say".

  newman35 09:16 04 Mar 2009

Interesting to see Nick Robinson telling Paxman, last night, that MPs of all sides were seemingly 'calling a truce' over these matters (ie no front benchers were complaining) as they feared being attacked back! eg Spelman/Home Sec.
That, to me, explained so much about the 'system' that MPs have built for themselves.

  spuds 09:49 04 Mar 2009

I noticed it stated "apologised unreservedly". I wonder where I have heard that before?.

  carver 12:01 04 Mar 2009

Wish I lived in your world, you seem to have missed out one or two relevant points, first one she did not go and declare it willingly, it was brought to the attention of the papers by some one who knew what had happened, second point, it was "explained" to her by the chief whip many years ago that "it could be open to misinterpretation".

So why didn't she pay the money back then, OH SORRY, nobody asked her to, and of course being an MP she had nobody to answer to apart from other MP's who could be doing the same thing.

  newman35 12:03 04 Mar 2009

"And the reason no front-benchers are getting excited about it is because it is not something about which to get excited"
No offence, but I think I would probably reckon Nick Robinson is better placed to judge attitudes in the House - or maybe not??

And surely, if she was, as you suggest,employing her to look after the kids and answer the phone(which is what a nanny would do anyway!!) then she knew perfectly well that to pay her as an office staffer was entirely incorrect. Anyone can surely see that, even a high-flying politician?

  wee eddie 13:16 04 Mar 2009

It is human nature to interpret Rules, that are rather loosely drawn, in ones own favour.

I foresee a swift rewriting of Expenses among the few who have made similar interpretations.

  Kaacee 15:41 04 Mar 2009

forum member, so you find it a non-story and no one has mentioned Jack Straw, can you explain what exactly that has to do with it ??????

  newman35 16:22 04 Mar 2009

Sorry, but this thread had a title which was not about Jack Sraw, so why should we get excited about it - in this thread?
By all means open a thread about Straw and I (and no doubt others) will tell you the thoughts on THAT topic - but you cannot belittle someone else's thread by going off in another direction.

  Forum Editor 16:50 04 Mar 2009

which some people are trying to make into a scandal.

This woman clearly had no intention of breaking the rules - the payments in question were made ten years ago when she was a brand new, inexperienced MP, and she referred the matter to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner herself.

The Commons standards and privileges Committee accepts that she intended no subterfuge. We have far more important things to worry about than this.

  Forum Editor 18:32 04 Mar 2009

than to grasp at the slightest whiff of a scandal - especially if they think they detect a little corruption in the air. The fact that all this happened a decade ago doesn't deter them.

There are mechanisms in place for looking into such issues, and that has been done. The money involved is being repaid, but it's hardly likely to pull us out of recession.

As I said before, there are much bigger things to get all stirred up about - this is a storm in a teacup.

  laurie53 20:08 04 Mar 2009

What's all the fuss about about? The breach was clearly unintentional.

Last week I drove at 40 in a 30 zone as I missed the sign showing the lower limit.

That was clearly unintentional too and there is therefore absolutely no need to fine me!

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