Oh Dear T5 Again

  ulrich 19:30 05 Apr 2008

Hopefully they will fix the PC at T5 befor the FE goes off on one of his trips, I have two suggestions 1. Perhaps they should go on the Helproom and 2, If I was the FE just take hand luggage and buy extras on arrival.

  Noldi 15:57 06 Apr 2008

I think the reason people go on about T5 is it was made out to be the all singing all dancing terminal that would be so easy to travel through.
After fly into Heathrow at Christmas I saw T5 and it did look impressive from the outside.
I think they made a mistake opening it 100% capacity on the first day, sure in a years time it will be all singing and dancing. Its got to be better than the old terminals, I don’t remember anything like this when Gatwick opened the North terminal but that was a long time ago and passenger numbers where not so high.


  sunny staines 16:29 06 Apr 2008

since t5 opened there has been an a large increase in takeoffs at night. I think the BAA should be heavily fined for every take off after the night flight curfew comes in.

  Noldi 17:42 06 Apr 2008

100% Sorry my mistake. When I saw the problems 1st day I thought they had moved everthing over to T5.

Im one of the Lucky ones my UK base is close to Gatwick, I find BA fautless on the route to and from Gatwick, I use them regulary and would not use another airline.
But if I had to go through London Heathrow I would probably use Swiss (T2) for a while.


  ulrich 18:49 06 Apr 2008

At T5 as snow falls. Luckily I believe more to come. I am not sure if the rain that is forecast for the Summer will have the same effect.

  Colin 13:19 07 Apr 2008

Well, at least the cancelled flights should have pleased the eco warriors!

  lofty29 14:18 07 Apr 2008

Maybe someone should have warned the guys at T5 about Murphys law's, If they had not trumpeted so much about how wonderful it was going to be it would not have created such a storm.

  Monoux 18:16 07 Apr 2008

I wonder if the software was by ICL

It Costs Lots ( ICL)

It Comes Late ( ICL)

  iambeavis 18:38 07 Apr 2008

"I wonder if the software was by ICL

It Costs Lots ( ICL)

It Comes Late ( ICL)"

A bit like "Vista" then.

  techie4me 14:41 08 Apr 2008

You can claim up to £850 if BA/T5/BAA loose your luggage.
But you need to get a claim form before you leave the airport!
Not something that is well advertised, but was mentioned on BBC Watchdog last night!!

  anchor 17:08 14 Apr 2008

It gets worse. Now Insurance companies won`t cover you if travelling from T5; (at least with new policies).

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