Oh Dear How Confusing.?

  tein 12:28 04 Sep 2009

lol crazy!

click here

  lofty29 13:02 04 Sep 2009

Just an example of yet further abuse of the human rights act, the entire thing needs to be rewritten into something which makes sense and cannot be used by the legal profession to make endless bucks.

  Armchair 13:31 04 Sep 2009

He still has his meat and two veg. intact, so he's still a bloke imo, lol. Putting an attempted rapist in a woman's prison sounds monstrous anyway. Hope they stick him in the cooler where he can't molest anyone.

  lofty29 13:43 04 Sep 2009

fourm member
I do not pretend to be an expert, but I think there are many people who feel as I do that the human rights act is obviously badly drafted when it is abused so much for so many situations for which it was not intended. As armchair has stated this person has commited attempted rape against a female,he/she is not completely female so therefore how can he/she be put in a womens prison without imposing risks to the other inmates, surely that would breach their "human rights".

  jack 14:31 04 Sep 2009

'She was also convicted of the attempted rape of a woman five days after her release from her five-year manslaughter sentence.'

He/She/It is plainly a menace to all other individuals no matter where he/she/it is located.

It seems to me the individual is simply seeking a location where the sexual appetite has more oppopportunity be asuaged

Such an individual should be neutered to make them passive to protect the HR of those around them.

  feb 16:24 04 Sep 2009

An attempted rapist in a Female prison? Someones got a sense of humour! Let's hope justice is served!!

Think how much money will be saved by the NHS, as now the surgery can be provided privately!!!

  tein 16:35 04 Sep 2009

Maybe when he/she has/had the opperation to remove & add bits it would be a good idea to place the male part on ones forehead making a point!

  Armchair 18:39 04 Sep 2009

Maybe the relatives of his victim(s) should be asked if they want to cut his bits off for him.

  newman35 18:53 04 Sep 2009

It didn't take this post long to start to career downhill - the fascination of 'bits' never ceases to amaze!

Like schoolboys behind the bikeshed.

  jakimo 19:07 04 Sep 2009

keep him\her in a goose pen until the op.

  lofty29 20:08 04 Sep 2009

fourm member
I take it you mean the sort of experts who have created the world recession, or who turn a convicted murderer loose to kill again, and fry up his victims body parts. Should I really have such trust in "experts" of that calibre.

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