Oh dear! - the bank has lost my details again

  wiz-king 05:27 16 Jul 2007

Grumble, grumble. I cant understand these financial institutions, Lloyd's, TSB, Citibank, North Fork and eBay all need me to confirm my bank details this morning.
Shame, I have not got accounts with any of them. Never had so many spams from alleged banks in one day.

A good start to the week. *grin*

  crosstrainer 06:40 16 Jul 2007

To everyone! Thanks for the heads up! Never give your details to these phising requests, no bank will ever ask you to confirm your details this way!

  Monoux 07:30 16 Jul 2007

Yup -- I've had a glut of these the last few days all for Banks I have no connection with at all

  laurie53 09:13 16 Jul 2007

Funny thing about these.

Because I have an early Yahoo email account I have a .com email address.

Therefore the majority of my spam is US originated, but every phishing attempt I get is UK based, i.e Barclays, Lloyds, Abbey etc.

Could understand it for my own financial institutions, but not for ones I've never used.

  octal 09:36 16 Jul 2007

The email headers usually are a give away. I had a look in my junk folder and there's on from the Royal Bank of Scotland asking for information. The email originated from Verizon.com and guess where they are located:
Verizon Communications
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007

The interesting part is the route of the email, it's been routed via someone I know in this country! So it looks like they have got something nasty on their computer, I'll have a word with them.

  €dstowe 10:37 16 Jul 2007

A few weeks ago I noted that the junk collected in my spam trap had reduced considerably but, this morning I looked and found it was back to its usual level. I'm still getting loads of the sex ones and the bank notifications but also more and more e-cards from various "friends" and "neighbours", mail with pdf attachments and, a new one (to me anyway) are loads of messages headed with "card payment is overdue".

  PalaeoBill 11:33 16 Jul 2007

My bank realy must have lost my details. Possibly in a dustbin somewhere.
I had some cheeky git set up a DD mandate for car isurance on one of the company bank accounts. I stopped it and have had a charge back so it is not a problem, but I don't know where he could have got the account number and sort code from. I'm the only one who uses it, I've never given anyone those details, it is not an on-line account, I don't pay anyone by cheque and I shred anything that is not locked in the filing cabinet.

  johndrew 11:59 16 Jul 2007

You may keep everything secure and shred what you dispose of, but does your bank apply such good practices???

I have often wondered how old cheques are disposed of. They have all the details you would need and even a specimen signature - oh joy to find such a treasure trove in a dustbin!!!!!!!!

  [email protected] 12:25 16 Jul 2007

to date the only spam i have recieved was from a music download site (tabs and sheet not songs) this stopped when i asked them to. i have never recieved any spam and in my early days i registered with everything free. i also dont get any notifications from, for example, this site?
i wonder why? i have a bt yahoo account which i dont use i just use outlook. i have just looked on the bt yahoo home page and the 'bulk' folder is empty! am i just lucky? i use nis '07 on one pc and kaspersky on the other, but obviously these cant stop spam getting to my bulk box. i have done nothing with the settings. i just hope it stays that way.

  Stuartli 13:36 16 Jul 2007

I've been informed this morning (judging by the Subject line) that I've landed that car salesman job I've always wanted.

Trouble is it's in Sydney...:-)

  jack 17:04 16 Jul 2007

Such fun you folk must be having
I never get stuff like that to play with.
0r delete.
All I get in the interminable Viagra and associated

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