OH for the Days when Wireless meant Music...

  Z1100 14:18 06 Nov 2006

I think I cannot get by in the world today without my PC-Mobile Phone-DVD Burner-MP3s-ad nausea.

So, is our life easier for technology or has it become an On Demand world where our Family, Friends and even the Boss EXPECT us to be in constant, instant contact?

Should we have place and a time where Business was done face to face and 'Family' was the most important virtue in life...?

And don't forget spell checkers!
Discuss ;)


  J B 16:15 06 Nov 2006

I agree with what you say about technology, you just cannot get away from it. Because of this, we seem to have lost the ability to interact with each other. It is all to easy to sit down in front of a computer and bang out an e-mail or a letter whether it is business or personal and make it word perfect, but let me ask you this, wouldn't it be better if you were to receive a hand written letter than to receive an e-mail? Year after year, we receive an end of year term letter around Christmas time telling us what kind of year our friends have had. IMHO that sort of thing is so impersonal and shouldn't be written. Just a few hand written lines would do, in that way it is personal and it means more. As for the other I will let you decide. J.B.

  Kate B 17:44 06 Nov 2006

If you hate technology so much, what are you doing on this forum? Technology is fantastic for keeping in touch. You can whizz off a quick email to someone whose snailmail address you've lost; you can send a text to someone to tell them you love them when you don't have the time to call them.

Really, this kind of yearning for the good old days is pretty pathetic. And in any event there's nothing to stop you sending a handwritten letter.

  J B 18:02 06 Nov 2006

Hmmmmmmmm. I didn't say that I hated technology, as a matter of fact I quite like it. What I tried to say was that it does take personal touch out of for example a letter. The annual "End of Term" letter is the one that I in particular do not like. As for "The Good Old Days" I'm not saying it was better back then but what I would say is, bring back the sixties if just for the music. J.B.

  Forum Editor 18:11 06 Nov 2006

the good old days were never as good as some people would have you believe. The human mind protects itself by allowing bad experiences to fade into the background, whilst retaining a stronger memory of the good things. That's why you hear people saying stuff like:-

"Those were the days, summers were better then - we had weeks of sunshine. We all used to leave our front doors unlocked, and everyone gave you a cheery greeting in the street. You could always pop in to the neighbours to borrow a cup of sugar, and the postman came in for a cuppa and told you the local gossip. Children could play outside all day and nobody worried about them. You could take a girl to the cinema, have dinner for two at the Cafe Royal, and still have change from a fiver. Food tasted much better, and we always had a home-made cake for tea. Everyone loved the Royal family, and the BBC played the national anthem every night when TV finished".

Give me the good old 21st century, complete with the internet, mobile phones, comfortable cars, colour TV, DVD recorders, computers, dish washers, microwave ovens, Boeing 747s, takeaway food, home deliveries of almost everything, and any other modern convenience you care to mention.

Our lives are infinitely more comfortable than those of our grandparents, we have more leisure, more disposable income, and we're more knowledgeable about what goes on in the world. As time goes on it seems that the human brain is almost infinitely adaptable to change, and has an enormous spare processing capability.

I still do lots of business face-to-face, but lots of it is done online. As far as I'm aware my online clients don't feel they're losing out by not having me in the office - they know that I cost them less if I stay in London and they stay in Detroit, or wherever.

My family is still extremely important to me, and that wouldn't change if we lost all our technology overnight - they would be no less and no more important.

  Z1100 18:32 06 Nov 2006

"If you hate technology so much, what are you doing on this forum?"

Did I say I hated it, chill out girl, it's a light hearted look at the work/life balance...

Methinks you are stressed by all the technology you are surrounded with ;)

  Kate B 11:32 07 Nov 2006

Sorry if I came across as aggressive, I do get irritated sometimes by silly postings ... apologies. Work is obviously bad for me. ;)

  Jim Thing 19:58 07 Nov 2006

"Sorry if I came across as aggressive, I do get irritated sometimes by silly postings ... apologies. Work is obviously bad for me. ;)"

It's not work, Kate. It's part of the price you pay for living in the Big Smoke.

  Jim Thing 20:09 07 Nov 2006

OH for the Days when Music meant Music...

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