Oh, all right I admit it ...

  Clapton is God 12:12 20 Sep 2008

... having only taken the plunge in the last couple of days and replaced IE6 with IE7 on my PC, I'm growing to like this tabbed browsing.

Yeah, I know, where have I been until now? ;-)

  Forum Editor 12:18 20 Sep 2008

try Google Chrome. Tabbed browsing with a difference.

  Clapton is God 12:27 20 Sep 2008

One step at a time, methinks!

Having said that, I recently bought younger daughter a Vista laptop to take to Uni (tomorrow).

I'm NOT a Vista lover. ;-(

  Seth Haniel 12:40 20 Sep 2008

good article in latest PCA on how to get it to look like XP ;)

  Clapton is God 12:45 20 Sep 2008

Already been down that route!

Still not a fan.

But perhaps time will tell ...

In any event, daughter will be 'lumbered' with Vista at Uni. I'll still be using XP at home.

  DieSse 15:21 20 Sep 2008

Firefox has a layout much closer to IE6, and neater tabs. And with the "colorful tabs" add-on, it's prettier too.

  DieSse 16:54 20 Sep 2008

"For me the 'silver bullet' in IE7 which means I use it in preference to Firefox is the little box to the right of the last tab which opens a new blank tab in a single click."

Er - sorry - I can't think of any reason to open a blank tab.

If I want a new tab it's to view something - and I can get anything I want to view in a new tab to open in one, in one easy step.

click the middle button on the link, if it's a link

type into the address bar and middle click the go to button if it's a new site.

  Woolwell 16:55 20 Sep 2008

In Firefox you can add an icon to the toolbar which when you click on it opens a new tab. I too liked IE7's feature but am happy with Firefox when I found this.
Go to view - toolbars - and drag the icon to the toolbar.

  Pineman100 17:37 20 Sep 2008

'I'm NOT a Vista lover.'

Welcome to a very large club, CiG.

We were going to hire the NEC for our first club AGM, but it wasn't big enough. :o(

  Forum Editor 18:32 20 Sep 2008

It's interesting to see how different we are in our browsing habits. I open blank tabs all the time, both in IE7 and Chrome, which I like more and more, by the way.

I run searches in blank tabs.

  Coffee Adict 18:51 20 Sep 2008

I'm an IE7 fan too, have tried Firefox, but we just didn't click. I usually have at least two tabs open and a blank 'ready to go', right now I'm waiting for a cenus image to load in Ancetry.co.uk, which gives me the opportunity to come here and annoy everyone, and then I will have three or four tabs open to cross reference the census image.

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