Offside rule

  do-gull 19:56 02 Feb 2011

With all the fuss these days about the offside rule.

Why don't they just stop it, no offside rule = more goals.


  Quickbeam 08:55 03 Feb 2011


  Quickbeam 09:05 03 Feb 2011

The Americans keep wanting rule changes for the 'more goals' reason when they host the World Cup. If the game doesn't suit you watch another, it is what it is.

However, I do think the yellow card bookings that equal a red sending off needs reviewing. You rarely get a sending off for two minor offences. But if the yellow became a 10 minute off the field offence for minor infringements and answering back/swearing to the ref, it could clean the game up as it is no end.

  peter99co 09:55 03 Feb 2011

Good thinking. Is there any chance it could happen?

  userious? 10:05 03 Feb 2011

WHAT???? England would lose every match....oh, they do anyway.

  dagbladet 10:15 03 Feb 2011

No they don't. What a ridiculous thing to say.

  Quickbeam 11:14 03 Feb 2011

I can remember when they suggested wider goal posts for that reason to widen the appeal to the American spectators.

  Quickbeam 11:32 03 Feb 2011

The strict enforcement of the rules is what makes for rugby discipline. Football has the rules, but not the will to enforce them.

The time out penalties would also fit in with FIFA's desire to have the same playing rules for a school team, a Sunday League team to a World Cup team. Which in turn would mean every player and manager involved in the game from day one would be subject to the same level of enforcement of discipline.

Can you imagine what Rooney's value would plummet to if he only played for 80 minutes out of every 90...?

  jakimo 13:33 03 Feb 2011

10 minutes in a sin bin would be far more affective than the current slap on the wrist for an infringement,works effectively in other sports

  peter99co 15:41 03 Feb 2011

It could be called the Quickbeam Rule if it gets of the ground. Pass it on!

  do-gull 19:53 03 Feb 2011

It's not that the game doesn't suit, I like watching a GOOD game of football, BUT the offside rule seems to have been a bone of contention for years.
My son say's it would be stupid as you could just leave a player up by the goal all the time, however if they did that you would have to keep a player back to mark him.
So why the offside rule?


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