Office/computer too hot?

  Sapins 20:04 16 Jul 2005

click here

Hope the link works OK.

I have been running this all afternoon and the temperature here touched 38C and is now still 30C+ I change the frozen block when it reaches room temperature and it works a treat.

  justme 20:19 16 Jul 2005

I like it. Lateral thinking at its best.

A great diy air conditioning system, but my one concern would be condensation forming on the ice pack and dripping into the electrical motor of the fan. Perhaps the fan keeps the ice pack dry?

  Sapins 20:44 16 Jul 2005

There is some condensation but it drips straight down and doesn't go near the motor, I have a piece of plastic on the floor with a couple of sheets of kitchen paper on it.

  Forum Editor 22:29 16 Jul 2005

of improvisation Sapins. All the DIY sheds here are selling portable aircon units - around £140 seems to be the average. I've got one running in my office, and apart from the fan noise it's superb.

You ought to take out a patent on that Sapins.

  Pooke 23:36 16 Jul 2005


  spuds 00:46 17 Jul 2005

Would it act as a room heater in the winter months, if you replaced the frozen cube with a hot water bottle :o)

  Sapins 10:13 17 Jul 2005

[email protected]@k, I don't have the money to do that and in any case knowing my luck someone else would beat me to it.


  Sapins 10:17 17 Jul 2005

Forum Editor, hit the wrong key, again :-( I meant to say that we looked at the air condition units but they all needed an outlet to the outside to vent the heat and possibly fumes. One salesman said push the pipe out of an open window!

spuds, I'll try that when we get the usual -15C in the winter.

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