Offensive T-Shirt Slogan

  Pesala 20:41 13 Aug 2007

How could this cause offence to anyone?

"Don't *[email protected]: me off! I am running out of places to hide the bodies."

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Have you seen any T-Shirt slogans that caused you to take offence?

  Input Overload 20:44 13 Aug 2007

It would offend me.

  interzone55 20:44 13 Aug 2007

I think you answered your own question by censoring the supposedly offending word.

The is also the allusion to serial murder.

The best I ever saw was a small badge, worn on a certain part of a girl's anatomy, that said

"Everyone can see you staring at my tits"

  octal 20:47 13 Aug 2007

Along the same lines if you where designer tee shirts French Connection UK in Disney World Florida people are asked to either change or turn them inside out by the cast members. They don't cause offence to me but the Americans have a different opinion.

  Totally-braindead 20:53 13 Aug 2007

I can't see how it could offend anyone, are we not getting a bit too PC. I think its quite funny. I've got a couple of t shirts that I wear with writing on them, no swearing admitadly but the word on the guys t shirt wasn't swearing either.

If he was wearing a t shirt that offended black people or whatever I could see the point but I personally think its funny and think its a storm in a t cup. You know the wording I mean, if it used that language then yes it would be offensive but this one isn't.

  SANTOS7 20:58 13 Aug 2007

You need to be careful what you put here guys the use of expletives deleted is a NO-NO on this forum as well...

  Totally-braindead 21:02 13 Aug 2007

I know SANTOS7 thats why I just commented on words that offended black people and didn't even try to use the asterisk. Its a family forum after all and kids ain't stupid.

I read what the guy had on his t shirt and I really don't see what the fuss is all about. I can think of hundreds of things that I would find offensive but thats not one of them.

  So Afraid 21:06 13 Aug 2007

It would not offend me at all,a fuss over nothing.

  Bingalau 21:08 13 Aug 2007

I've seen lots of these type of "T" shirt and to me they are all offensive. They certainly should not be worn in public. By the way I am no prude, I served 23 years in the forces. But it just shows to me the level some members of the public have lowered themselves to.

  Kate B 21:19 13 Aug 2007

I'm not offended by it - a bit of self-expression is fine. So long as it's not racist or sexist I don't really have a problem with that kind of thing.

  Pesala 21:22 13 Aug 2007

"I think you answered your own question by censoring the supposedly offending word."

Well, no, I didn't censor it. The forum did. Even the BBC didn't censor the word, though it did censor another word on the Mick Jagger T-Shirt.

It really is a hard thing to legislate for as so much depends on the context. The law is an ass.

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