Ofcom and Broadband Speeds

  morddwyd 08:25 27 Jul 2010

Ofcom has worked out that broadband speeds are being misquoted

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At last!

  wee eddie 08:37 27 Jul 2010

that some Nations that claim incredible coverage with breakneck speeds conveniently forget, that's statistics for you, that vast swathes of the countryside, outside the Metropolitan and Urban Districts, are in very much the same state as the UK but with a newer Telephone System, or in some cases, no Telephone or Broadband System at all.

  spuds 09:28 27 Jul 2010

This is nothing new, Ofcom has been rattling its sword for ages about this issue, yet in reality have done very little about it.I suppose this investigation proves that 'something is being done'.

We had the 'upto 2Mb' then 'upto 8Mb' now its either 'upto 20Mb' or 'most your line will take'. On a personal note, I have taken this issue up with my ISP on a number of occasions, with very little success (they just do not seem very interested).

In my own case I live a little over 2 miles from the exchange. BT OpenReach (on behalf of the ISP)have checked the line and have clearly stated that I should receive 'at least' 4Mb (my near neighbours gets over 6Mb). I have never succeeded 2.3MB on a 'usual' day, and on a bad day below 1Mb, yet I am paying the same as the people able to receive higher ratings.

Ofcom have been toothless (like many quangos)and its about time that they came out fighting for the public. Perhaps this new government might be the answer for future improvements, instead of the old governments statement, that every home will have broadband and high speeds at that!.

  Uboat 10:05 27 Jul 2010

Good thread morddwyd!

Here in hull we can ONLY use Karoo nothing else, It's been a nightmare for the residents here because we cant use any other ISP just Karoo (monopoly), they advertise "upto" 25 meg & in my Entire town ive yet too see anyone achive anywhere close to that

Granted i do get around 9meg (best speed available by anyone) all the time BUT they advertise upto 25 meg so ive done some research with them & they use the jargon of "u need to be close to the ""Exchange"" which is based in the VERY centre of town & in THAT area there is no residents so its not achivable so WHY are they allowed to advertise.?

I was also told by there support that cables may affect my speed like IF ive got any electrical cables near the router or any speakers can cause interfearance.?
Its wrong its not fair & we are been ripped off! IT needs too be STOPPED! & OFCOM need to wake up.Period..

  Uboat 10:05 27 Jul 2010

Upps forgot this:

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I totally agree. I don't live where you are but I've tried almost every ISP in my area all promising fantasy speeds and I'm only 2000 or 3000 meters away from the exchange. I am on Sky Connect as it's the fastest one in my area. Sky promies 10MBPS and I only get around 0.5MBPS. It is a totally disgrace. Ofcom need to take action now. I am currently ripped off.

  Kevscar1 10:26 27 Jul 2010

No the don't promises 10MBPS only upto. If I was willing to pay £150,000 to have the line replaced between the exchange and my house I could get the full 20MBPS but I'm not so 5.6 has to do.

  Uboat 10:47 27 Jul 2010

VAIO-100 hi!

I live "As the crow Fly's" about 400 meteres away from the Exchange i have a new ADSL+2 Netgear Router im running on W7 (64 bit) & have a quadcore Extreme so there is simply no hardware issue from my end & yet i have never had more than 9meg.? mind you i tell a lie! a few months ago they replaced the telegraphs down my street & i noticed a surge to around 13meg then it went all down hill & i called them they (Karoo) told me that it was a "Unstable" speed & they had to reduce it to 9meg...I rest my case

  Uboat 12:38 27 Jul 2010

fourm member The part that is advertised and NEVER possible..

  Kevscar1 12:55 27 Jul 2010

of course it's possible. All you have to do is live next door to the exchange and pay for your own dedicated cable to be laid.

  interzone55 13:08 27 Jul 2010

When I signed up for O2 they said I could get 11.5mbs, so I signup up for their up to 20mbs package.

After a few days I was getting a consistent 7mbs so they dropped me to the 8mbs package, since then I've averaged 7.5mbs. I live about 3/4 mile from the exchange...

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