Odball spam

  Belatucadrus 17:55 06 Jun 2007

In common with most sane people I loathe the incessant e-mail attempts to get me to purchase exotic pharmaceuticals and watches from some dodgy cove in Florida, but I can at least see the point, it's a business proposition. Somebody will buy it somebody will make a profit, irritating though it is, there's a point.
Yet I now appear to be getting Buddhist tracts in German, even allowing for Googles somewhat flaky translation, there doesn't appear to be a sales pitch of any description or an obvious point. Whatever minuscule tendencies I have to take up the faith are not cultivated by them spamming me in a foreign language, anybody have any idea why anybody would do anything so completely futile ?

  anskyber 18:01 06 Jun 2007

I get one spam per day.

It's always from a "different" source and is usually the equivalent of an A4 page of prose or poetry. Usually unintelligible the "story" pretends to deal with some mystical events. Of course the gifted and perceptive will say it's my lack of creativity and vision which prevents true understanding.

It's not from one of you lot is it(!)

  Jackcoms 18:04 06 Jun 2007

"I now appear to be getting Buddhist tracts in German" click here

  Belatucadrus 20:13 06 Jun 2007

Clearly some people have way way too much time on their hands.
I could see the point if it was Scientologists as they charge a lot of dosh for enlightenment. This just seems to be a complete waste of effort.

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