Obscene Language in Public Places

  Chas49 23:04 09 Jan 2009

I had the misfortune to be on a bus last Saturday evening when a trio of young girls (14 -15 years olds perhaps) got on. Straight to the back of the single decker as they usually do. There were three boys already there and they siin got to talking. Nothing wrong with that but it soon deteriorated into the use of obscene words, gestures and the asking, by the girls, of very personal statistics. All this loud enough so that the rest of the passengers could not help hearing them. They boys got up and left the bus - whether it was their stop or not I know not. The language came entirely from the girls and continued after the boys had gone. Quite clearly they were doing it purposely - I got off the bus and caught the next one.

Another instance happening this morning when a young 'lady' or perhaps 18 years, dressed very well, took a call on her mobile whilst waiting in the bus depot. She began what seemed to be her life story - in a very loud voice laced with obscenities - seemingly oblivious to the other people waiting.

Q. Am I just getting old and off it - is this kind of behaviour now accepted as the norm. Is English taught any more in our schools.

  rdave13 23:10 09 Jan 2009

It's the norm. On railway station waiting for train for son. Woman(well dressed) talking on mobile saying how could she still have the ..key. Conversation went on for a while and the swearing seemed to be the norm.

  DieSse 23:12 09 Jan 2009

"..is this kind of behaviour now accepted as the norm"

If no one ever objects, it will become more and more the norm.

  rdave13 23:23 09 Jan 2009

DieSse, how do you object to a woman on a mobile phone, in public, foul mouthing someone on the other end without starting something that will obviously make a mountain of a mole hill? It's today's standards I'm afraid and somewhat of an eye opener to me that Selfishness is now the norm. Politeness died a death years ago. Sadly.

  ronalddonald 23:47 09 Jan 2009

is are you really going to accept this type of rude behavior or fight it and how do you go about educating people that they shouldn't be rude in the first place. Go to a council building or a bank and there will be a notice in place stating that if you are rude the organisation will take steps for offending person to be prosecuted.

Now lets take entertainment and the glory of hollywood that loves the swearing and the garbage which teenagers learn from and the likes of ALf Garnett.

Who is going to stop the billion dollar industry from swearing as they seem to keep as the norm of life. Lets take the tv companies in the united kingdom, have you noticed how there was no swearing in Starksy and Hutch from the !980's now look at the so called new version.

God knows what they will do to Magnum PI, when they remake it and re-film it. And maybe they may even do a new A Team with swearing and the garbage.

Yeah its the norm unless the Government brings in on the stop fines say £25.00 for every swear word given out by anyone. Surely that would deter people.

But i don't know if it work with compulsive swearers or the mentally ill generation of people and the drug taking generation of people.

  Bingalau 23:47 09 Jan 2009

Am I the only who does actually object to these things happening. I always confront idiots who put their feet on seats. I confront those who use foul language in public. Sometimes it has the desired effect and sometimes it doesn't. But as DieSse says if no one objects it will become the norm. It needs more of us to object now.... I think we used to call it "Moral Courage" It's badly needed in our society.

  rdave13 00:03 10 Jan 2009

Bingalau, I agree to a point but we're old fashioned. Stuck to our older way of life. Times have changed and as a youngster of five decades, and a bit more, is it really worth taking such juvenile actions on when violence will happen? There is no respect any more in our modern day street for anyone, young or old, and that is the times we live in.
As everything goes around in circles then we are heading for bad times; unemployment the best thing for idle hands and worst for law abiding people.
My opinion of course.
Anyway, how are you doing for yourself?

  Si_L 00:09 10 Jan 2009

I was in the queue for a sandwhich at Greggs and I heard a woman say to the person on the other end, without even trying to be quiet, "... No, I've got the day free because my husband is getting his vasectomy today."

I was put off my sandwhich after hearing that.

  Chas49 00:09 10 Jan 2009

ronalddonald & Bingalau:

Glad to see that I'm not the only one concerned with the declining standards. Yes, modern films and TV (out takes etc.) Have a lot to answer for - when kids hear language of this nature being used so often and in a tone which suggests that it is a part of normal conversation etc in films - not to mention their parents using it in their conversations (in front of the kids) - can we be really surprised that the young do what they do?
I remember a film being shown a few years ago where the first five minutes or so appeared to be composed of words being with 'f' - the characters were supposed to be macho characters - the effect of kids when this made the rounds of TV would be profound. Personally, I'm sorry to say, I don't think that there is an answer to the problem - and, if this is the sign of things to come then I'm glad that I am the age I am.


Indeed, as in Bingalau's case, something should be done, but as the rest of the passengers both in the bus and the depot appeared not to notice it would appear that it is now the new 'norm'. Sickening, but only to true.

In the case of the bus I did indeed comment to them about the language - that is what they wanted and the abuse followed me off the bus. The driver was seemingly completely deaf. What if I had reacted to their abuse - well, probably I would have ended up in court as the aggressor of minors.

  rdave13 00:17 10 Jan 2009

"In the case of the bus I did indeed comment to them about the language - that is what they wanted and the abuse followed me off the bus. The driver was seemingly completely deaf. What if I had reacted to their abuse - well, probably I would have ended up in court as the aggressor of minors."
My point exactly.

Si_L, pickled onions sarnies will never be the same again...:))

  hastelloy 01:50 10 Jan 2009

is the first resort of the illiterate. Of course if you were to quote that to the guilty parties they wouldn't have a clue what you meant!!!

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