Obama losing his touch already?

  oresome 18:45 02 Oct 2009

Chicago were widely tipped to host the 2016 Olympics and the President personally attempted to woo the judging panel, but they were eliminated early on.

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  tullie 19:21 02 Oct 2009

You would think that the president of the USA had more important matters than this.

  morddwyd 20:21 02 Oct 2009

Did anybody really think that it would be anywhere but Rio?

The last ones were in Asia, the next ones are in Europe, most of Africa can't afford a decent maternity hospital let alone an olympic stadium, Australia in 2000 and the US in 96.

Where else but South America?

If this is Obama's grasp of world realities the US faces a long four years.

  Belatucadrus 20:32 02 Oct 2009

Of course in the current economic situation he may have dropped a subtle behind the scenes hint that they'd rather not have anything to do with it.

  John B 20:45 02 Oct 2009

It reminds me of the 'Father Ted' episode; 'A Song for Europe'!

  Stuartli 00:22 03 Oct 2009


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:51 03 Oct 2009

He totally misjudged the effects that his misjconceived foray into Health Reform would have on the public of The States and surprisingly he seemed to ignore th voracity of the lobbyists that seem to be the bastion of The Senate. Trying to reform the health care for 81 million people who either have no insurance or are under-insured, during the worst financial crisis in memory, is taking one's eye off the ball.

He did scrap the star wars missile programme but there was little money to fund it and it was never going to work....it is not as though he had to think long and hard about it..bit like Brown and Darling being given the options to fund the lame banks or let 'em go under..50/50 choices are not rocket science really.

In spite of his many fine speeches (fine speech writer methinks) about the Middle East situation, little concrete has been achieved. It would be unreasonable to expect results in a year or so after thousands of years of attrition but Obama's watch has not furthered or developed any plans...apart from fine words and rhetoric. He has failed to evolve the Afghan/Iraq problem into a more manageable situation (it could be argued that the chaos is deepening) and his main action was insisting that Israel should stop building for Jews in the occupied Palestinian territories. This naivety is akin to asking the Bar-mitzvah Society to promote British bacon and had as much chance of succeeding.

He can talk the talk, has a good image(unlike the increasingly shambolic and bewildered Brown), knows all the correct facial gestures and body language but he seems to be a triumph of content over actions. Not v.impressed.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:11 03 Oct 2009

'Who'd be a politician?'..to the best of my knowledge politicians are not conscripted and they do get rather well paid. The exit door is always open for them.

It is not that Obama has achieved very little but he (or his advisers) seems rather naive as to people's beliefs, attitudes and in the presumed influence of the good 'ol States.


  anskyber 10:29 03 Oct 2009

He set the bar high for himself, I see no harm in that in fact I would rather have an understanding of a persons vision even if the reality falls short at times.

The worrying thing about Bush and Brown is I have a problem in understanding their vision, almost certainly because its not there and seems instead to be more a policy of reacting to events rather than trying to lead them.

I'm fine with Obama and will judge him later against what he has done rather than whether he impliments all of his vision.

  lofty29 12:16 03 Oct 2009

I think that a point well made was that the olympics has never been staged in S.America, whereas most of the rest of the regions of the world has had an opportunity, also there was a comment on the BBC this morning that going around the commitee that countries at war should not be given the hosting of the olympics, For my own part I just hope that Brazil dont get in such a finacial mess up as this country has over the games.

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