OAP`s told to stop moaning

  anchor 12:16 01 Oct 2010

I was infuriated by the remark made by Charles Bean, deputy governor of the Bank of England, when he said savers should stop moaning and start spending their savings.

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There are about 5 million people who rely on the interest from their savings to maintain an acceptable standard of living.

This is rich coming from a man earning in excess of £250,000 per year.

  Legolas 13:16 01 Oct 2010

mmmm I can't comment as I don't want to get the thread locked ;) but what a $%"%45$%*

  Quickbeam 13:17 01 Oct 2010

Stop moaning man...

  michaelw 14:07 01 Oct 2010

Yeah, just go out and spend.

  johndrew 14:18 01 Oct 2010

Perhaps the answer is for all of us OAPs to spend everything on high living (such as a salary of £250k pa would allow) and then ask the likes of Mr Bean to support us in the manner to which we have become accustomed. ;-)

  lotvic 14:38 01 Oct 2010

I'll moan if I want to, so there :-r

  sunnystaines 14:59 01 Oct 2010

he was well out of order, is he spending all his savings.

it annoys me those who scrimped and saved are loosing out on interest rates because of all the divvy people who did not budget their borrowing or have the common sense to have some savings set aside.

and why have the staff at banks who authorised some of these loans to no hopers who had no chance of ever repaying the loans not been sacked for incompetence.

  Snec 16:04 01 Oct 2010

"There are about 5 million people who rely on the interest from their savings to maintain an acceptable standard of living"

With interest rates being so low these 5 million people are obviously very wealthy or very clever if interest from their savings make a significant difference to their standard of living.

  morddwyd 16:31 01 Oct 2010

Last year "the average pensioner couple had a weekly income of £564, or just over £29,000 a year."

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Good job we're not on the average salary of "£25,543 "

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or I just don't know how we'd manage!

"There's lies, damned lies and statistics"

  Snec 16:44 01 Oct 2010

Yes but 'pensioners' and 'retired' are two different things, which your first link demonstrates.... it refers to working pensioners.

I retired at 55 but it was not 'savings' in the accepted sense that allowed me to do this. I became a retired pensioner and my world is good. If I had to rely on savings though it would not be. Very few people (in fact none that I know) have suffient savings to make any real difference to anything.

  lotvic 16:53 01 Oct 2010

I worked all my life and what little savings I had are long gone so I've no interest - but I can still moan like a good 'un.

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