O2 Wireless Box

  interzone55 19:37 13 Sep 2009

About 10 minutes ago my O2 wireless box was hacked.

Luckily I was trying to respond to a post on another thread as the perpetrator reset the box after they'd changed the passwords on the Administrator and SuperUser accounts, so I immediately noticed the connection had gone down. As I usually do when my ADSL connection is lost I logged into the router to check the connection status and couldn't get in.

I quickly did a factory hard reset and changed the passwords again.

The moral of this story is to make sure you change both the Administrator & SuperUser passwords on these boxes, as the SuperUser password is available all over the place...

  Confab 12:26 14 Sep 2009

Are you 100% sure it was hacked? O2 are in the process of changing all user and SuperUser account passwords to that of your O2 router serial number. It can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the router


  Esc4p3 13:02 14 Sep 2009

They did my box last week, I had a pop up message on screen to say they had done the job.

  interzone55 13:42 14 Sep 2009

Would have been nice of them to tell me. I spoke to their tech support people about a fortnight ago, so they could have told me then.

Would they reboot the box at the same time?

I'm still voting for the idiots across the road hacking the box...

  Confab 14:42 14 Sep 2009

They didn’t tell me either - although I might not have been using the compute when the pop up message appeared. I tried to access my router on Saturday evening a kept getting the “Authorization Required” message. I knew something was wrong and eventually found the answer on the O2 website. I think an e-mail from 02 advising of the changes would have been nice. They’re usually very good with their customer communication but I think they’ve fallen a bit short of the mark on this one.


  Chegs ®™ 15:48 14 Sep 2009

I was trying to use "remote desktop" in MSN Messenger,my mate was unsuccessfull in trying to access my PC so I'd turned off my windows firewall & eventually found the information on the O2 site to turn off my routers firewall for him to try again.He still couldnt gain access to my PC,and minutes after I had turned off the routers firewall,I got a popup message on the laptop saying that O2 had reset the Administrator/SuperUser passwords to my routers serial number.I have tried several times to get into the routers admin to turn the firewall back on,and cannot.I contacted O2 & they reset the router again,but still it refuses to allow me any access to its configuration.I will try a hard reset eventually,when I can be bothered but in the meantime I'm looking for the method to allow me to use my own router instead of the O2 box as the O2 wireless range isnt as good as my own router's.

  Confab 16:02 14 Sep 2009

I know you can use other routers because I recently set up my Netgear router on O2. As far as I can remember it was a fairly simple process. I’m back using the standard O2 router now because it works well for my purposes.

  interzone55 16:52 14 Sep 2009

What's this pop-up message from O2.

I've got the Windows messenger service disabled, and don't have the O2 helper service running either - does this mean I'll have missed the message?

  Chegs ®™ 17:34 14 Sep 2009

I know you can use your own router,just havent found any instructions yet.As its pretty low priority on my "to do" list,I'll probably try it some night when I've run out of other tasks to experiment with.

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