O2 - how to upset customers

  wiz-king 21:03 20 Mar 2009

When I took my phone of charge today it seemed OK but when I went to use it around lunchtime it was showing 'Inactive Sim' and would not connect. So, I called the customer service number (3 times) and was told that I was very important to them (twice). I spoke to a man who told me they had turned my phone off because I had not used it for three weeks and had not topped it up for a year - I have about £180 credit on the phone - if I want to use it they will turn it on but I must top up my credit within 24 hours.
I very politely told him I was not going to top it up and he could either transfer the credit to my wifes phone or send me a check for that amount.

Whinge over

  jack 21:11 20 Mar 2009

My talk as you go- is seldom used- but I do phone my self to the landline from time to time to ensure connectivity.
Last week there was a text awaiting for me to the affect- if this is still in use reply OK
So I did.
This is Voadophone.

  Charence 21:22 20 Mar 2009

so he agreed to return you your credit?

  Si_L 22:49 20 Mar 2009

In all seriousness, why did you have £180 credit on your phone? No one needs that much, particularly not a rare user such as your self. If it was lost or stolen, thats £180 down the drain. I use my phone a lot, back when I was on PAYG I never had more than £20 on it. There is just no need.

  Forum Editor 23:00 20 Mar 2009

of credit to have on a Pay As You Go phone, particularly for someone who hasn't used it for three weeks. As Si_L points out, if you lose the phone you lose the money, so it makes sense to keep the available credit at a nominal level.

You must make at least one chargeable call in any six-month period, or O2 has the right under the terms of your contract to disconnect the phone. If your phone is disconnected you may lose any remaining credit - no cheque, or transfer to another phone account.

  Stuartli 23:58 20 Mar 2009

I'm with Virgin Mobile on PAYG - there is no restriction on whether you make any calls or not with regard to the longevity of your credit amount.

In fact I buy top ups very rarely as the phone is used almost exclusively for emergency reasons.

  dagnammit 00:41 21 Mar 2009

I happen to find o2 pretty good.

£15 lasts me roughly 2 months.... before I need to top up again.

PS. The £180 on your sim is about twice the value of my phone.

  Chegs ®™ 04:43 21 Mar 2009

I'm on O2,have used other providers & was frequently losing that sim due to inactivity on the phone.Now I'm with O2,I have WAP enabled for £7.50pm & use the phone mostly for away trips with the family to rugby matches about 1 per month to surf on the laptop whilst my GF & daughter watch the game.I also have unlimited free texts & calls to other O2 phones and several other cheaper call offers meaning I only use about £3pm from a £15pm topup.Now I have these free/low rate calls my remaining credit will gradually increase monthly & O2 wont turn off the sim.I even call the GF's phone to "kill" the battery before charging(just call it & then leave both phones somewhere handy until the battery is discharged)so I always have it fully charged for away trips. :)

  Si_L 09:03 21 Mar 2009

Does it really make a difference to the longevity of the battery life if you completely discharge it? I'm not sure it does.

Easy ways to save battery life is to turn the brightness of the screen down, by default most are set high, and switch the bluetooth off unless needed, as that will drain the battery considerably. In all my phone-owning years I have not noticed a difference between a battery that has been charged from dead and one charged normally. If it makes a difference, I doubt its a noticeable one.

  Belatucadrus 13:37 21 Mar 2009

They did the same to me, though on a much smaller account. The best they could offer was a new SIM card. I searched around and found that Virgin not only don't cut you off and do a runner with your money, they have a lower minimum payment so I got a new phone with introductory £5 on the card for less than O2 wanted to reconnect me. Not a difficult decision.

  dagnammit 13:46 21 Mar 2009

I think it does. I have only ever charge a battery when it dies.

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