The nutter has landed

  Kate B 14:45 23 Jun 2005

Well, I landed yesterday anyway, from Australia - and got home to find my nutter machine waiting for me!

Slight anxious moment when I pressed the button and nothing happened, then I realised that in fact you have to press two buttons - all was then well.

It's glorious, purring like a kitten with stars in its whiskers. I've just loaded up Doom 3 which looks the business.

  spuds 15:30 23 Jun 2005

Sleep deprivation,pizzas and large mugs of coffee now takes over :o))

  exdragon 15:34 23 Jun 2005

just switch it off til you've read your post, watered the plants, done the washing/ironing, fed the cat, vacuumed.... No? Oh well, have fun! I've enjoyed reading the earlier threads, though didn't have a clue what was going on, not being a gamer, but it sounded good!!

  Kate B 15:35 23 Jun 2005

too late, exmpdragon ... the huge pile of post is as yet unattended ... pass the coffee, spuds!

  Pooke 17:38 23 Jun 2005

Welcome back, hope you had a great time.......

Have fun with that monster machine! Have you ran any benchmarks?



  Curio 19:12 23 Jun 2005

Seems you were only gone a couple of days. Enjoy your new PC. If you are going to do a bit of internal checking (Desktop) click here Everest free Home Edition

  powerless 19:50 23 Jun 2005

Let's see some pics ;-)

  stalion 20:12 23 Jun 2005

better check your emails might take you a week with all the spam, lol

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:30 23 Jun 2005

I never even realised that you had been to Australia.


  josie mayhem 22:07 23 Jun 2005

I don't know what to be more enverous about, your trip to Aus (the land of my grandfathers)or the beast that you've come home to.

But alas I will keep dreaming, and hopefuly you will enjoy your new machine.

Let us all know how it going and please show us some pici's so we can really drool...

  Kate B 10:03 24 Jun 2005

I'll take some pics over the weekend and post them on my website - it's really great that you guys are so enthusiastic about this with me, it's making the enjoyment even greater.

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