Quickbeam 08:17 02 Dec 2010

I threw some peanuts onto the garage roof yesterday where I'd cleared a foot of snow from for the birds to feed on. Just opened the curtains and they're waiting for me in the cleared patch, 'I put some out yesterday and we want more' they say!

Two pairs of blackbirds, one of robin and wren are the regulars. There's also a pair of incredibly fat wood pigeons that would make a good starter for Christmas dinner;)

  tullie 08:34 02 Dec 2010

Bit of a worry if you can hear birds talking to you!

  Seth Haniel 08:39 02 Dec 2010

they didn't talk - they traced the request in the snow :)

  Quickbeam 08:49 02 Dec 2010

Maybe I'm going nuts?

  babybell 08:52 02 Dec 2010

I remember when I was younger, we stayed in a bottom floor flat in St. Ives, Cornwall and our kitchen window was level with the road at the back. On our first morning, we heard tapping coming from the kitchen and when we investigated, we were greated by a Seagull sat by the window, tapping it with his beak. As it was a family owned flat, we knew the previous occupants and they told us the had been chucking their bacon fat out for him all week.

Its amazing how quickly they learn when there is food involved!

  morddwyd 20:21 02 Dec 2010

Yes, the Cornish seagulls round St Mawgan quickly learned not to eat roast potatoes thrown from the dining hall windows. as they were frequently booby trapped with mustard.

  timsmith259 21:50 02 Dec 2010

well could tell the chirp chirp and chirpy chirp and more chirp

  jakimo 10:19 03 Dec 2010

Well Done

Hope more are following your example

  ella33 10:45 03 Dec 2010

That must be nice to see. I find that whatever I put out, wild bird seed, bread, water, whatever, the birds here all go into other gardens. I don't know what the other gardens have on the menu but I am worried about attracting rats as the birds don't eat my stuff. The ducks, moorhens and one remaining large cygnet all come running over the ice in the park to eat almost anything except veg (which the RSPCA say they should have). They seem to be doing pretty well with the small pool of water open to them and people feeding them.

  Belatucadrus 11:32 03 Dec 2010

We used to have a pheasant that would peck on the window if you weren't prompt enough with his breakfast.

  spuds 11:57 03 Dec 2010

Roll on summer, its costing us a fortune in animal feed, especially peanuts for the birds and squirrels. Foxes were still out at 2.40am this morning, so things must be looking bad?.

Considering that we live many miles from the sea, the seagull population seem to be in abundance in and over our property.

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