Shopgirl 20:08 15 Mar 2011

I think that the Government should employ more nurses in our hospitals.
Patients are not getting the care they need.
Instead of cutting services they should be employing more nurses in care of the elderly hospitals.As the elderly are living longer.
What do you thik.

  Shopgirl 20:13 15 Mar 2011

The last sentance should of been
1:What do you think

  lotvic 20:23 15 Mar 2011

Whilst I totally agree with you, the problem seems to be that there is no money to pay their wages.

  Bingalau 20:35 15 Mar 2011

As I am already in God's waiting room I think. (Aren't we all?) I would be happy to have more nurses looking after me, preferably young and female and good looking...
(signed... Dirty old man)

  Aitchbee 20:43 15 Mar 2011

I agree with lotvic there is no money in the kitty at the moment, but surely the government could help NHS nurses with free or reduced rate bus passes to compensate for their relatively low wages: or something along these lines. After all MP's get allowances etc.

  Shopgirl 21:03 15 Mar 2011

The wards are so short staffed 5 nurses to look after 30 patients.I think that there are to many pen pushers in the health board.Try giving the pen pushers a package.Then you would be able to pay for more nurses.
What do you think

  Aitchbee 21:37 15 Mar 2011

I was in hospital a few weeks ago and I must say I was really impressed by the nurses who looked after me and the 3 other grumpy old men.( I was in for 2 days).
These nurses are have to put up with a lot of demands from the patients - but that's their job.

  Shopgirl 21:59 15 Mar 2011

So sorry to read that you were in hospital nothing serious.
I hope you recuperated after your hospital stay.
(Bet you wish you had taken one of the nurses home with you ) Only joking

  Strawballs 22:30 15 Mar 2011

There could be more money if they would just cut the only thing that has not been cut "Over seas aid"

  DippyGirl 23:03 15 Mar 2011

Nurses should be allowed to nurse
And Doctors to doctor - sorry to all cats.
Alas the NHS, like alot of businesses, is more interested in admin, statistics, "performance", and "measurement"....
Maybe they all have their place but when I am sick I want to be mended not become a tick in a box.
First priority should be having enough people at the coalface who can "do" .... How well they do is an added extra.

I think that the NHS is very very good at the acute stuff, the long term, chronic, recovery bits less well.

If I knew the answers I wouldn't be typing this, but I cant help but think whats there now isn't it.

  birdface 00:10 16 Mar 2011

Like AitchBEE just out of hospital after a 5 day stay.
And of course the nursing and cleaning staff were 1st class as usual.
Looked like they had enough staff to cope Ok but I think you mean for the older patients that cannot look after themselves.
I would say they do not have enough staff to look after the elderly properly.
Just wonder what is going to happen to some of the old ones as this government is set to close quite a few nursing homes in the next 5 years and we all know the elderly are not allowed to leave the hospital until they can find somewhere to stay.
Just wonder where they are going to put them as the beds will be needed for new patients.

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