Nurse suspended for offering a prayer

  TopCat® 18:55 01 Feb 2009

A Christian nurse offered to say a prayer to a Baptist old lady, which she refused, and went on to report the nurse to the authorities. They have suspended her pending the outcome of an inquiry!

I just can't believe things like this can be happening in today's world! TC. click here

  Al94 19:17 01 Feb 2009

She was wrong to do so, clearly unprofessional and they were right to suspend her. Leave the prayers to the clergy if that's what you want. Sounds like she might be the sort of religious zealot all to keen to force her view on others.

  newman35 19:23 01 Feb 2009

Possibly more to it than has been disclosed, and until the enquiry shouldn't make judgements.
However it appears the complaint is not 'clinical' and so suspending her seems over the top (and costly to the NHS?), are we not short of nurses?
Could she not just have been told to not mention praying again, until the enquiry decides?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 01 Feb 2009

She has 25 years experience and if this is true the managers want their backsides kicking all over the county. If I'm ill and someone wants to utter a few prayers then even though I do not believe in the Sky Pilot, it would do no harm.
People believe in homoeopathic medicines in spite of medical opinion regarding them as placebos, so a few words are not going to harm. If she told the patient that she could cure her by a bit o'prayer, then that is different and she would need her backside kicking all over the shop.


  karmgord 20:00 01 Feb 2009

So long as it was n't the last rites if I was ill anyone,Christian,Muslim,Jew,Hindu,Rasterfarin new age healer can say a few words for me, it can only help.
AGAIN common sense has left the building a few words of advice for her not to do it in future would be enough ,still now they can employ an agency nurse at a rediculous hourly rate for several months while this "SERIUOS" matter is investigated by her vastly ( often with no practical nusing experiance)over paid manager spend their time investigating,MRSA will just have to wait.

  karmgord 20:18 01 Feb 2009

serious,nursing & experience
must read more thoroughly before posting although I am dsylexic so not so hot on spelling

  Stuartli 21:26 01 Feb 2009

>>Sounds like she might be the sort of religious zealot all to keen to force her view on others.>>

What a strange thing to say and conclusion to reach purely on the basic details in a brief news story.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:47 01 Feb 2009

if this nurse practiced another religeon? You can decide in your own mind which brand of religeon would remain immune from such a complaint.


  Forum Editor 22:53 01 Feb 2009

That seems to me to be a rather irrelevant comment in the circumstances - completely unrelated to the case in question.

  Forum Editor 23:02 01 Feb 2009

this one probably shouldn't be taken at face value. This nurse is obviously a deeply committed Christian, and there's nothing wrong with that, until she allows her personal religious convictions to enter into her dealings with her patients in such a way that they may feel uncomfortable.

She admits that she regularly asks people if she may pray for them, and says that most of them readily agree. I suspect that many of them agree out of kindness, and a desire not to make waves.

In my opinion the Trust was right to discontinue using her, pending a full investigation, and I agree with the view that the story was probably brokered to the press by the Christian Legal Centre. No doubt we'll hear more about it in due course.

  Brumas 23:22 01 Feb 2009

I know there is no comparison but imagine the scenario - N.A.T.O. troops under fire in a particularly savage ambush and the padre, seeing the one-sidedness of it and the inevitable death toll, asks all to join him in silent prayer as they repel the attack.

Would he be taken to task and suspended, accused of offending those soldiers who were not Christian?

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