nuclear waste

  nota-clue 03:49 13 Jun 2008

What do you think about the proposals to store nuclear waste under ground. It could be anywhere in the country. Who's opion will count yours or just tiny fraction of the population in your county/country. surely there sould be some sort of public vote before anyone decides.
What would you want to allow this?
Better public transport, more funding for schools.

  nota-clue 03:55 13 Jun 2008

Sorry about the spelling mistakes.

  laurie53 07:01 13 Jun 2008

What's the betting it won't be anywhere in the south east of England!

  newman35 07:07 13 Jun 2008

Good to hear Scotland is not taking any but their own waste.

  Quickbeam 07:28 13 Jun 2008

I thought it was already stored underground while awaiting further movement, to the bottom of the sea...

  Forum Editor 07:32 13 Jun 2008

where do you think it should be stored then?

  anskyber 08:17 13 Jun 2008

Given that the storage methods are very safe and London is built on clay (mostly) which is easy to mine, under the Houses of Parliament looks a good spot.

Frankly, and more seriously, it's not going to go away and burying it looks to be the best option in the more geologically stable locations. To hedge bets a variety of sites should be used.

The rather quaint approach of some of not near me is amusing. After all in the SE of England (as an example) just across the Channel is France with the large majority of it's electric power generated by nuclear power.

  interzone55 08:44 13 Jun 2008

On the North West news it showed some of the massive amount of nuclear waste storage containers at Sellafield.

Whilst I'm sure the site security is second to none, the padlock on one of the containers shown looked like it cost about 50p off the market.

It seems that Cumbria is probably going to be one of the front runners for the storage depot, mainly because most of the waste is there already.

  mad1234 09:39 13 Jun 2008

i believe that there must be a better way. surely there must be some way we can put it to some kind of use after all every ounce of crude oil is use right down to bitumen for our roads. so why can't they look into using the waste for something other that poisoning our planet

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:18 13 Jun 2008

Depleted uranium click here

mostly used to kill people!

  belfman 10:20 13 Jun 2008

Rocket it off into space?

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