Nuclear power Stations - Eight Sites Identified

  wids001 14:41 18 Oct 2010

The coalition has announced 8 sites for new nuclear power stations.

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The Lib Dems are being urged to oppose these in favour of renewables. Let's keep opposing till the lights go out!

Personally, they are more than welcome to build a nuclear power station in my back yard, in fact I think every town should have one.

  Quickbeam 15:06 18 Oct 2010

Just so long as it's run better than the one in Springfield...

  961 15:07 18 Oct 2010

If you gotta glow, you gotta glow

  jakimo 15:36 18 Oct 2010

does that mean we're in for a brighter future

  961 16:17 18 Oct 2010

What I do know, living in this part of the UK where we already have a windfarm on every hill, is that for more than 50% of the time they lie idle for lack of wind

On that basis it seems we will have to build just as many regular power stations as we would have done anyway

And guess who is going to have to pay for this waste of money?

  dms_05 16:42 18 Oct 2010

Looks as if they are to be placed at locations with existing nuclear power plants that have operated for decades.

  john bunyan 17:05 18 Oct 2010

Also today they have abandoned plans for the Severn Barrage (Cost £15 billion)I still think tidal and solar power is a better long term investment than wind - but we need nuclear in the meantime.

  john bunyan 18:46 18 Oct 2010

Yes, as usual you are right!! The initial estimates were £15bn but latest esimates over £30bn

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I still think that there are tidal schemes worth looking at since the tides are pretty constant whereas wind is variable, so if wind became a significant % of the total, calm days would present a big problem.Also, maybe all new houses ought to be strongly encouraged to be "energy neutral" with high insultion and solar panels etc.

  cheap 20:02 18 Oct 2010

Maybe the government should look at more alternatives. How about building a bigger version of this and fit it into a generator.
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  grey george 21:59 18 Oct 2010

With all the super computer power the met. office has, the weather still can only be forecasted not an absolute prediction. We do not know how taking energy (how ever small an amount) out of the winds, tides or even solar will effect our weather patterns or tidal flows. A small change could cause catastrophic effects many years down the line, by which time it's too late to fix it. The real break through will be in being able to store power, so that surplus generation can be kept for later use. Nuclear stations still work on the old thermal to steam turbine generation system, there must be a more efficient way. When the day comes that we really know what electricity is may be we will be able to make better use of it. These guys may even find the answer: click here

  Forum Editor 23:12 18 Oct 2010

ought to be strongly encouraged to be "energy neutral" with high insultion and solar panels etc."

The building regulations already require a very high standard of insulation, and not just for new houses - every loft conversion and home extension is now built with considerable quantities of insulation incorporated into the fabric. Concrete floors have to have at least 100mm of rigid, high density foam under the concrete, roofs are heavily insulated between the joists, and cavity walls are constructed with special insulation filling the cavity. The idea is that the new structure is inside an insulation envelope.

More could be done of course, but regulators need to strike a balance between the ideal and the practical,so that construction costs remain at a reasonable level.

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