Is NTL going down the drain?

  pj123 15:11 26 Sep 2004

Although I haven’t had too many problems with NTL myself, I recently had to replace a hard drive in a friends computer. Everything went fine up until re-installing their NTL Broadband connection using the supplied installation CD. Didn’t work, kept getting an installation error. Rang the Support Line on the number given in the installation book. Waited 18 minutes for someone to answer (good job it was a freephone number) but was then told I would have to be transferred to a Technical Support number. Another 25 minutes waiting and still no answer so I gave up.

Went home and logged on to NTL site and checked their Status Report. Sure enough, they have a problem with registering which was last updated on the 24th September. Their engineers are aware of the problem and are doing everything they can to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

What struck me even more was that the poor people in the Southampton area are suffering a loss of service which was listed on 30 April 2004 and is ongoing but the last update for this problem was 8th May 2004, that is over 4 months ago. Are they really trying their hardest to resolve these problems?

  Nellie2 15:19 26 Sep 2004

I'm with NTL and when things are going well the service is brilliant. But if you need to ring them about anything then you need to put a couple of hours aside. The last time I tried to ring I gave up after being on hold for over 25 minutes. That isn't good is it?

  spuds 16:17 26 Sep 2004

According to financial media reports NTL have been showing poor returns for ages :o(

  wallbash 19:31 26 Sep 2004

Quote Everything went fine up until re-installing their NTL Broadband connection using the supplied installation CD.

Dont think you need their disc, after the first time to register. Have Done a compleat reformat but do not use their white disc supplied in the blue box (v12)

only require the password

  oresome 20:01 26 Sep 2004

18 minutes to answer a phone and 25 minutes on hold!!

If the phone's not answered in 30 seconds, I consider they're not interested in my business; fair enough, I'll go elsewhere.

I know it's a little different when you are already a customer and need help, but I wouldn't tolerate it for long.

  Como2 21:38 26 Sep 2004

Wallbash is right you don't need to use their CD
assuming you are using XP and a network cable to their modum

XP will automatically reconise the modum all you have to do is enter the password into the account settings

  bof:) 00:23 27 Sep 2004

Hi all, been with NTL for years now. My original connection to the net went via a modem in the cable tv box. When this played up NTL came out within 2 days and ran a cable from the house to the box at bottom of the street.

I rang them yesterday and had a 10 minute wait, so I just put phone on speaker and carried on doing what I was doing until they picked phone up. Problem was solved in a few minutes.


  pj123 10:38 27 Sep 2004

Operating system is Win98SE, and like bof:) it is connected via the TV set top box via a fast ethernet converter to the USB port on the PC. This is the same setup as my own connection. If you just plug it all in there are no flashing indicator lights on the ethernet converter (like there is on mine).

You have to physically unplug the set top box from the mains and the USB from the PC. The install CD advises when to connect everything up again, but it never gets that far anyway. I will keep trying the phone in the meantime.

  pj123 14:49 27 Sep 2004

Just tried to ring NTL Technical Support again and was advised that the wait time is approximately 30 minutes. That is ridiculous.

So, wallbash if you can tell me how you did it without the Install CD I would be pleased to hear from you.

  wallbash 15:05 27 Sep 2004

open up a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape for example).

You will get page can not be displayed. This is normal.
Delete all writing in the address bar and type click here and click go. This will take you to the registration pages. After clicking broadband and then register you will need to follow these pages through. If you currently have a dial up connection (this is internet via NTLworld through a telephone line and a normal modem) you will have the option of bringing your email address across to your cable modem account and at the same time cancelling your dial up account and cancelling the payments being made to them. To do this just click yes when it asks if you have an existing account and when prompted type your username (this is the first part of your email address e.g. [email protected] would have a username of john.smith) and password (this is the password for your email account).

p.s. you may get page can not be displayed after you receive your membership number. If this happens please do not worry as this is normal. Just carry on with the steps below.

After completing the registration you will need to shut down the modem and the pc.
Wait for 30 seconds then power up the modem only. Wait until the sync and rdy lights have become solid then start your pc up.
You should now be able to browse.

cant take credit/failure for the abve , cut and pasted , keep me informed

  pj123 15:21 27 Sep 2004

That looks good wallbash. Will give it a try. Don't see my friend until Thursday 30th Sept. Will report back. Thanks a lot.

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