NTL Cable Telephone Lines

  pj123 16:55 14 Jun 2006

I have 2 separate NTL Cable Telephone lines each with it's own telephone number.

I have just tried to call an Hotel in Cyprus on one of these lines but get the "unobtainable" tone. If I try it on the other NTL line I get through, no problem.

Called the NTL helpline, but no help. Suggested I call the NTL faults number, which I did. But they are no help either. They tried the number and got through OK, but that doesn't help me.

Why can't I make a call on either of my phones successfully?

  pj123 17:19 14 Jun 2006

crx1600, no. No call barring on either of them.

I have just called a friend who lives in France and got through to him on both telephone lines.

Just seems like Cyprus is a problem.

Someone give me another International number I can try?

  pj123 18:24 14 Jun 2006

crx1600, that was quite a while ago. Since then all call barring has been taken off both my telephone lines.

  pj123 19:57 15 Jun 2006

crx1600. Yes, I can remove the call barring myself, which I did.

NTL said "Leave it with us and we will call you back within 48 hours".

Not had any calls from NTL but just tried the same number (Cyprus) on both phones and got through OK today.

Have now activated Call Barring again but only for Premium Rate numbers. Maybe that was the problem in the first place?

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