NTL broadband users-call them

  steve263000 12:25 25 Apr 2005

This is for any member that is a user of the NTL broadband service. After a call from a friend, I got on to them today to enquire about my costs and speed. For the amount I pay, £25 pm I was getting 750 kbs speed. I was then told that for that cost I should be getting 2mb, and I shold have had a letter. I told them that I had not, and then asked if I could take a reduced speed for less cost. So now I have 1mb for £17.99 pm. That is faster than the old one and £8 pm cheaper! So Give them a call if you have not already done so, and either increase your speed or decrease the cost dependant on your needs.

  pj123 13:43 25 Apr 2005

I didn't get a letter either, I rang them and was upgraded to the 2mb service for the same £24.99 within half an hour. Don't forget the 1mb £17.99 service is capped at 3gb per month whereas the £24.99 service is 1gb per day (30gb per month).

  steve263000 16:24 25 Apr 2005

I did not know about the capping, and they did not explain that to me. However I do not do a lot of downloading, mainly surfing and emailing.

  Pooke100 16:40 25 Apr 2005

I got a promotion that gives me 2 meg for £19.99!! a month for the year!! Having problems with my TV box from them but that's on another thread.

  pj123 17:05 25 Apr 2005

steve263000, check here:

click here

  v1asco 20:19 25 Apr 2005

Upgraded in 15 mins! Thank you very much.

They do say it on their site it would have been automatically updated soon. Why wait. My neighbour is calling them right now!

Checked the speed using Dan Elwells Tester

click here

as reccommended in other threads.

Ta again Taffy.

  Andybear 20:26 25 Apr 2005

I don't think many people have got letters. A lot of NTL users on this forum, including myself, have either telephoned NTL and upgraded over the phone or have done it via the NTL web site (see the link that pj123 provided above).

  pj123 14:46 26 Apr 2005

If you are on NTL BB via a modem the upgrade is automatic. If, like me, you are on NTL BB via your set top box you have to ring them. My set top box (Pace) is not capable of managing 2mb so it needs to be replaced. At the moment I can't be hassled with the upheaval of getting NTL to come in, replace the set top box, set up all the channels again and then (hopefully) get me on to the NTL BB 2mb, so I am sitting on the maximum that the Pace box can stand which is 1mb.

  freaky 18:34 27 Apr 2005

I find that the NTL 1mb is quite fast enough for all of my needs. Would only consider the 2mb if I played games via the internet.

  pj123 18:45 27 Apr 2005

freaky, true but I am effectively paying the 2mb, 30gb per month price £24.99 and only getting 1mb (albeit still with 30gb per month) because of my reluctance to get the digibox changed. Will give it some more thought for the future. Maybe 3gb a month is all I need anyway, so I may be able to drop my subscription.

  steve263000 07:59 28 Apr 2005

I have the set top box, plus a "Terayon" cable modem box for the BB only. This is the one that I upgraded. I could not be bothered accessing via the TV. It is far to slow.

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