NTL are Listening??

  pj123 18:37 16 Jun 2006

Just got my latest BB Bill from NTL.

In BIG letters it says:

"Listening to our customers is important"

Obviously not that important. I still can't update Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy or Spywareblaster as and when the updates are posted. I still have to wait around 3 to 4 days before I can download the updates.

Talking to them doesn't seem to make any difference. They now have a "Feedback" link on their site. Will give it a go and see what happens.

  octal 20:17 16 Jun 2006

Have you tried using a proxy and going through one of their other servers instead of your local one?

  octal 21:05 16 Jun 2006

I've found this in my favorites, this link shows how to set a proxy using IE click here you need Flashplayer to view it.

And this link gives a list of proxy servers click here I use the Dublin servers, I find them the most reliable, I've just checked and I use the address.

Doing the above might get around that problem of downloading the cache from your local server because using a proxy by-passes it. I also find this useful if you find you can't open some sites and you suspect its a problem with your local server, try the proxy.

  Mr Techy 00:22 17 Jun 2006

I tried phoning them the other day on their 0800 number and was told 'Sorry but this number no longer works. Please redial 0845 ... for general customer enquiries or sales etc, 0870 ... for technical support'. Typical that they charge you for contacting them. Tried it only to be told 'Our offices are now closed.' If the information on my last bill is anytihng to go by, their recorded message is a complete LIE!!!

Yes, I tried sending them an e-mail through the website. It's more like a customer satisfaction survey. I saw no list of e-mail addresses.

I hung up and gave up. Doesn't quite justify the increase in line rental.

  freaky 10:15 17 Jun 2006

You could try using the NTL Cable Forum

click here

  pj123 11:29 17 Jun 2006

freaky, Thanks. Just registered.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 14:08 17 Jun 2006

pj123 have you updated adaware if not i could send you the defs.ref update by email and you could try placeing it in the programfiles/adaware foled to see if it will update if you are stuck

  pj123 18:50 17 Jun 2006

surfmonkey #:@}©, thanks for the offer.

NTL had a Major outage in the whole of Norwich and Great Yarmouth today. Just got back on at 18:38 this evening.

Have just updated it this very minute.

  octal 20:28 17 Jun 2006

My post of Fri, 16/06/[email protected]:05 no good then? Fair enough.

  pj123 20:43 17 Jun 2006

Sorry, octal. That wasn't a snub. I haven't been able to get online since my posting.

My partner was on last night after me, and NTL been down most of today.

In fact she's just about to sling me off again now.

  octal 20:48 17 Jun 2006

You need two computers :-D

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