Now why didn't I think of that??

  Nontek 14:12 18 Jun 2013
  Woolwell 14:17 18 Jun 2013

I had one of those wheels on my bike many years ago but in those days it was called buckled.

Seriously - it looks an interesting idea.

  Nontek 14:19 18 Jun 2013


Yes, just think of all those perfectly good buckled wheels that have been thrown away!

  onthelimit1 14:23 18 Jun 2013

Can't get my head round the principle yet. Will read some more!

  Nontek 14:29 18 Jun 2013

It was an accidental discovery, but I think it is just brilliant. Probably faster on a race track, more stable on slippery surfaces, even perhaps amphibious with a bit more tweaking :-))

  Nontek 14:35 18 Jun 2013

An amphibious car with properly designed wheels-n-tyres could virtually skate across water, as long as it was nice and calm! Maybe Mr Clarkson could be encouraged to make a prototype :-))

  onthelimit1 14:38 18 Jun 2013

'Maybe Mr Clarkson could be encouraged to make a prototype :-))'

In the expectation that he test drives it and it sinks!

  Nontek 14:41 18 Jun 2013


Precisely ...

  wiz-king 17:29 18 Jun 2013

Square? not by my definition!

"A square has equal sides and every angle is a right angle (90°)

Also opposite sides are parallel."

  Forum Editor 19:05 18 Jun 2013

It's not a square at all. It is curved throughout its circumference, and as far as I can see it seems like a brilliant innovation.

  Nontek 22:23 18 Jun 2013

Apparently it is formed around a cubed center, which is why it has been described as round.

A bit like Poetic License?

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