Now in Wales...

  Mark5001 08:07 02 Aug 2009

and loving it. What a place to set up home. I am almost next to Snowdon and the views from my house are stunning. Slow broadband but the views, walks and attractions more than make up for that. The Welsh are a lucky people to have all this in their backyard and I wish that I could have moved here earlier. Also they are so friendly, complete strangers saying hello on the buses and drivers waving as they pass you. Can't wait for my first winter here....Lot's of snow I hope. Anyway nice to be able to view these forums once again I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms and the shakes.

  rdave13 09:15 02 Aug 2009

Glad you've settled in and liking it.
Wales in summer;
pros, wonderful views and plenty of outdoor pursuits.
Cons; Mostly rainy weather so can cancel the above and heavy traffic on the roads.. :(

Wales in winter;
Pros, wonderful views on cold, clear frosty mornings with outdoor pursuits available and light traffic on the roads.

Cons, Usually rainy and misty weather so again cancels the above... :((

  v1asco 09:20 02 Aug 2009

Careful, you'll have Ann Robinson moving next to you with all theses compliments.

Welcome from the costa del cardiff

  Pine Man 09:31 02 Aug 2009

'Also they are so friendly,'

So are the sheep;-))

  Forum Editor 09:34 02 Aug 2009

when I was a child. My Welsh grandparents lived there. We were only there for a couple of years, but they were among the happiest of my life.

Enjoy your time there.

  rdave13 09:36 02 Aug 2009

Baaah, enough of that... :-)

  crosstrainer 12:15 02 Aug 2009

I'm very jealous!!! I used to live In Harlech, and was a teacher at Coleg Harlech. It's a beautiful part of Wales, and any daft suggestions about the people being unfriendly are patent rubbish.

As for the Broadband, We were lucky as I managed the Colleges network so It was super quick...Small price to pay for living in such a great location!

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