Now For something completely differant

  [email protected] 12:50 08 Feb 2008
  anskyber 12:57 08 Feb 2008
  Earthsea 13:26 08 Feb 2008
  sinbads 15:30 08 Feb 2008

kettle calling the pot black.........

  Cymro. 15:56 08 Feb 2008

Seven "click here" links above and I was fool enough to click on all of them.
I should have known better.

  anskyber 15:58 08 Feb 2008

Which was the point of my post.

  sinbads 16:02 08 Feb 2008

well you mhave a choice click here

  [email protected] 16:04 08 Feb 2008

please remember Guy's i DONT always see every thread that's posted relating to the post from "anskyber" i think some of us get bored just readin the news & negative things, its a FORUM remember it takes ALL kinds...

  anskyber 16:14 08 Feb 2008

Indeed and my contribution was entirely tongue in cheek given the recent thread that I linked to.

It's my rather unfortunate sense of humour which, to no ones surprise here, is shared by but a handful of people. :-))

  sinbads 16:28 08 Feb 2008

you are correct the forum consists of all kinds of people ok its helpfull if people give an indication what may be in a link ;but its not the end of the world.

N.B thanks for your link

  Totally-braindead 16:48 08 Feb 2008

For those poor souls still on dial up the links given are to mega motor bikes so if you're not interested in bikes don't bother.

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