Now British Gas Ups Their Prices

  wids001 09:57 12 Nov 2010

No Competition!

First EDF increase their prices. I complain so I'm told to switch suppliers by some members of this forum when I comment that there is no competition.

Checked out the comparision sites and BG is cheaper saving around 5.2%

So we set in motion to change and today BG announce a 7% rise.

The rest WILL follow. I have written to my MP about this, not that it will do any good. Prices fell nearly 70% wholesale yet the UK suppliers managed a paltry 2% cut citing high prices when the purchased the energy in advance.

Something needs to be done to stop this blatent profiteering.

  johndrew 10:05 12 Nov 2010

I am far from surprised about the BG price hike. Every year - in recent times - all energy suppliers raise prices just before the winter period.

It is also interesting that BG wrote to me last week and told me the 'good news' they were reducing my Direct Debit. When I responded that they were about to raise prices they certainly didn`t deny it.

  Grey Goo 11:34 12 Nov 2010
  interzone55 13:07 12 Nov 2010

My supplier phoned me last week to ask me if I wanted to sign up to a 12 month direct debit option, I declined as I'm moving in a couple of months

I await a price increase from N Power

  spuds 13:22 12 Nov 2010

Like I stated in a recent previous posting. What one does the other follows, and then people talk about getting the best deals, and no such thing as suggesting there is anything wrong with competition. Where is the competition in regular price increases to the consumer?.

I also previously stated. See if your supplier as 'capped' or 'price fixed' deals on offer. My supplier as these deals, and it promises that I will not have price increases for the duration of the 2 year contract, but should the price fall (?) then I will benefit from that also.

  Grey Goo 14:13 12 Nov 2010

Edf are apparently freezing their prices until March 2011.

  Algerian peter 15:55 12 Nov 2010

Please tell us if you switch again.
We will make sure we do not go with them.

  spuds 15:58 12 Nov 2010

Your link seems to require registration and login ?.

  karmgord 17:22 12 Nov 2010

same old excuses, rise in wholesale price of gas, buying in advance.
What happened to all the cheap gas,why did they not store up that? We never saw any of the 40% cheaper gas.
when they reduced their prices they dragged their heels then it was after the peak period of consumption,but they swiftly raise them before the peak period.
Still I suppose there we be those on this forum who will tell me this is not profiteering and has nothing to do with their year on year record profits, and if we do not like it we should change supplier,after all there is competition.
Finally they keep saying "be more energy efficient"
of course a good idea for your wallet, resources, and the planet,but imagine if we all cut our energy use by 50% overnight does anyone think that they would be content with 50% less profits? or might they increase prices to maintain their record of making year on year record profits.

  karmgord 17:24 12 Nov 2010

BTW wids001
I think it was SSE (the second largest supplier after British Gas)who increased their prices.

  karmgord 17:24 12 Nov 2010

BTW wids001
I think it was SSE (the second largest supplier after British Gas)who increased their prices.

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