Is nothing Sacred?

  laurie53 22:27 30 Mar 2007

Particularly for White Truck Man

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Now I know for sure the country is going to hell in handbasket!


  Monument 23:06 30 Mar 2007

Seems a sensible idea to me.

If it can help in building better relationsip with the Afghans and in turn make it easier for our soldiers, where's the problem?

  anskyber 23:10 30 Mar 2007

I've got a beard.

  Brumas 23:13 30 Mar 2007

Bet mine is greyer than yours ;o(

  mammak 23:31 30 Mar 2007

Well I was a wife off for a good 10 Years to a member of the Royal Air Force and our first posting was in RAF Lossiemouth,25 Years ago our first Son was Born in a little village not far from Lossiemouth "Elgin" so that was a blast from the past,

But back to the question in hand yes personally it would be very peculiar to see a member of the RAF with a Beard! heavens I remember my ex Husband unless on Exercise first thing he did was shave before saying good morning to me ooh whats the world coming to when an Airman can say good morning to his Mrs before shaving.:-)

Joking over no I don't agree strict Regime was what the Armed Forces was about clean cut etc don't seem right this unshaven rubbish.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:55 30 Mar 2007

Beards per se, have only been officially frowned upon since ww2 days. I dont think the navy have ever really been shy of them, but if any ex matelots disagree then I'm happy to take their word for it. Being clean shaven has a practical use for the military in living memory. It means that a respirator mask can make a proper seal with your skin. The navy I suppose can make some exceptions to this as a warship is almost by definition a sealed enviroment. But were chemical weapons ever used against coalition troops then I suspect this might be recinded in short order.

On the other hand, rock apes aren't exactly easy on the eye. I suppose beards might just be an improvement. worth a try I suppose...


  Woolwell 00:03 31 Mar 2007

Beards are/were permissable in the Navy but had to be a full set. If a respirator was required then beards had to be shaved off. I had a beard when on exchange with the RAF. Shaved it off when it started to go grey and defintely had made the right decision when I was told that I looked 10 years younger without it.

A surprising number of RAF grew beards when on exchange with the Navy in aircraft carriers.

Perhaps lack of water is a good reason for not shaving in Afghanistan.

I served at Lossie when it was RNAS Lossiemouth. Then the "crabs" took over!

  jack 09:22 31 Mar 2007

I have my one for 50 years it turning from black to salt'n'pepper to silver over the years.
I grew it when in the Navy on small ships and it stayed.
It did come off once.
I was trimming it and made a fist of it- nothing for it but to come off and start again.
Whilst this was happening my children were playing in the garden aged about 3&5 as I recall-
When I appeared at the back door- they both looked up and screamed in horror and it took a long to to calm them down.
The beard has been a fixture ever since -The rest of my 'Barnet' has left home but the chin fuzz remains.
The 'children' are are now 50 and 48.

  Bingalau 09:48 31 Mar 2007

Another point about growing beards in the Royal Navy, is as stated above that it has to be a full set, IE beard and moustache. However Royal Marines have traditionally been allowed to wear a moustache only. Probably something to do with continually changing from Army rules and regs. to Naval rules and regs. They did also have to seek the Captain's permission to wear a full set.

  Belatucadrus 10:17 31 Mar 2007

Regardless of the normality or sacredness of the shaven face in UK armed forces, it's just a monolithically stupid idea. Who in hell really believes that a load of fairly extremist Muslims are going to decide that a load of infidel soldiers are suddenly OK simply on the grounds that they now have beards. It sounds like an idea from a particularly crap low end marketing company.

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