Nothing like......

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:04 28 Jun 2009

passing away, to boost your record sales!

From BBC click here

  interzone55 17:12 28 Jun 2009

Morrissey was spot on with this track from the Smiths last album...

At the record company meeting
On their hands - a dead star
And oh, the plans they weave
And oh, the sickening greed

Re-issue ! re-package ! re-package !
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra track (and a tacky badge)

For more click here

  jakimo 19:51 28 Jun 2009

Wonder what he will do for an encore

  Armchair 20:18 28 Jun 2009

Aye, I think the same thing must have happened when Danny la Rue passed away. Looks like his albums are all sold out on Amazon.

  dagnammit 20:28 28 Jun 2009

Have to admit I find the phenomenon a bit strange.

Why do people rush out for items by recently dead celebs/artists?

I presume it's not real fans because they would already own copies of the CDs, films or whatever.

If a singer died tomorrow it wouldn't prompt me to start buying their material, unless it was new to me and I liked it.

  canarieslover 20:59 28 Jun 2009

Does the fact that they are dead make them sound better? Mind you there have been a few on the talent shows that could prove that statement.

  interzone55 21:18 28 Jun 2009

My thoughts exactly.

It's like some group psychosis kicked and and prompts certain people to walk past his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and others bought all his albums.

Very odd indeed.

But as Anthony Wilson allegedly said "Ian Curtis's death was the best thing that ever happened to Factory Records"

  DANZIG 21:21 28 Jun 2009

Whats the betting that a 'memorial' album comes out in time for Christmas?

Cynic? Moi?

  interzone55 21:28 28 Jun 2009

I'd be surprised if there isn't one out in a fortnight, with a deluxe edition out in time for the festive season.

All the newspapers are cashing in with supplements (oh how attitudes change after a death) so the record company won't be far behind...

  peter99co 21:34 28 Jun 2009

Is it the News of the World that has issued a T-shirt?

  dagnammit 22:16 28 Jun 2009

If it did come out it would have to contain new material for me to buy it.

As for the hypocritical media... don't get me started. Attack a person when they're alive, love them when they're dead. Something I can't understand.

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