Not their responsibility

  smartpoly 15:17 15 Jul 2010

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Surely a quick call could have sorted this out.

  Noldi 16:07 15 Jul 2010

"Council contractor Amey said the staff from sub-contractor Bellstan were not "licensed or trained" to remove road kill".

There’s your answer. I wonder how long this training course is? Probably a 1 week residential course at some posh hotel.


  Armchair 16:28 15 Jul 2010

I'm not licensed or trained to remove deceased birds from my garden, but I do do anyway. Am I breaking a law by doing so?

  canarieslover 16:30 15 Jul 2010

Get the Top Gear team in. Didn't they live off road kill in one of the series?? Crows and Magpies seem to do the job within days in our area.

  Uboat 16:44 15 Jul 2010

We "ALL" know this country is slowly going to the dogs! the thing is we are changing laws for ALL area's & im really not sure there/we are any better.? we all know about H&S laws & how the "Reg's" are making running a business or been self emplyed as a plumber/joiner/bricky etc are making things a nightmare!

As for NOT removing a ALLREADY dead & VERY flat looking badger thats not smelly cause its all dried up so there is no blood ect well i think this is just another example of pathetic way in which our laws have changed! ive worked on a rubbish tip granted it was when i was 19 BUT we was walking & working around Rats! & other not nicey's we just got on with it & no one got harmed JOB DONE!

Now a days the jobs guys like these contractors are doing are costing more money/time & for what? because they have gloves on & they are scared to pick up a VERY dead animal? what if it was a cat.? would they leave it IF so then whats the differance?

for another instance where i live the binmen refuse to take ANY bins that are even slightly open! so the bins are getting left then the householder has to call the council then the council calls out the binmen to pick up the bin the SHOULD of Originaly took All costing money of cause!

Its REALLY is about time common sense kicked in with these councils or the goverment/H&S..

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