not sure if....

  ste1403 20:36 15 Apr 2008

not sure if this is the right place post this but im looking for a software that was in a copy of pc advisor a few months back, i dont remember the name all i remember is that its for the desktop and changes the entire search way of windows, its like a lot of orbs around the desktop whhen if you click on one it comes up with more until you find the thing you want, i know thats a bad description but thats all i can remember about it and my dam mother threw out the magazine...any help would be much appreciated thanx...

  bluto1 21:53 15 Apr 2008

I've still got the last 6 or 7 months DVD's but you'll have to come up with a better description.
Try to remember a word or two or what the picture on the DVD label was.

And by the way, that's definitely no way to speak publicly of your mother.

  newman35 22:08 15 Apr 2008

"Never throw stones at your mother,
You'll be sorry for it when she's dead,
Never throw stones at your mother,
Throw rocks at your father instead".

Completely agrre with your final sentiment, bluto1.

  Covergirl 22:13 15 Apr 2008

Exactly. Maybe she has a bad case of water retention though - that would explain the 'dam'.

Hang on, perhaps ste1403 actually meant 'damn' which would be rather rude.

However, knowing what mothers are like and the sort of things they get up to when your back is turned (like tidying your room and chucking out your best mags), perhaps he might have been unclined to use a stronger word but toned it down a bit for the Forum ?

  bluto1 22:13 15 Apr 2008

I hardly expected anyone to wax poetic about it, but I like the rhyme.
ste1403, I misread your post, sorry about that, having only one working eye I only get half the picture. I've got the mags too. About how far back was this?

  bluto1 22:16 15 Apr 2008

We typed in harmony!!!! (:-))

  Covergirl 22:19 15 Apr 2008

I'll try not to do it again Bluto1 ! People might start talking . . .;-)

  peter99co 23:08 15 Apr 2008

The last time I saw that kind of image was when using Encylopedia Britannica.

  Forum Editor 07:01 16 Apr 2008

because of the language you used. We have a strict rule about it - even if you use asterisks or other means to disguise the word.

  RickyC :-) 09:53 16 Apr 2008

I'm pretty sure that Ergo is the software you're referring to, and have included this on the DVD with the past three or four issues of PC Advisor. click here for our review of the program, and you can download the software if you click here

kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  ste1403 22:35 16 Apr 2008

ahhh yes thank you very much.
keep up the good work!

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