Not strictly PC but close

  jack 08:55 15 Nov 2007

And I suppose it could fall under the umbrella of
'Consumer watch ' But 'No'
Help room will do it - it is a general thing.

This is of particular interest to those of us that use the ubiquitous office chair with it elevating gas strut- to get our eye level just right for the screen.
My[secondhand] one has decided to descend to the 'basement' having lost it's 'gas' or valve.
Has this happened to any of you and the point of all this blather - Had it repaired or restored or even[better] carried out a DIY job?

  laurie53 08:58 15 Nov 2007

Happened to me, had to replace the chair.

  anskyber 09:31 15 Nov 2007

Better than the other way, some have exploded.

  Seth Haniel 09:32 15 Nov 2007

with a 'Name' there should be replacement Gas struts available for it - cheaper than the full chair ;)

  Belatucadrus 12:28 15 Nov 2007

Fortunately the exploding gas lifts have been consigned to history as it was only a very rare occurrence during their early days.
As to repairs, it's usually a case of swapping out the entire stem, as usual they're brought in cheap from the far east or Italy in bulk and nobody bothers to try and fix them.

  Chegs ®™ 13:15 15 Nov 2007

I am on my second,the first being a cheap n cheerful from Argos that during the first few months suffered from a)the plywood seat squab splitting causing a lean, b)the plastic bush holding the gas strut upright constantly needing reinserting into the "pipe" as it too created a leaning seat every few days,c)the gas strut giving up and descending to fully compressed,d)the plastic arms(that supported the back)breaking.I repaired it so often that I viewed it as a "friend" but when finally my outbursts at "this bloody things now done..."my GF bought a replacement.Missing the arms of the previous model and having a metal support for the back(and costing a little more)its been extremely comfortable and has required no repairs or modifications in the 2yrs I've owned it.

  DieSse 13:56 15 Nov 2007

Gas lifts

click here

click here

They both say they do repairs with new gas lifts - so may help you find a source. Plenty in the US (as ever).

  jack 17:36 15 Nov 2007

Thank you DieSee
One of those two is nearby
I have E-mail them to ask
We shall see.

  jack 20:30 16 Nov 2007

And this morning They replied they will either repair or order a replacement.
So Off I go on Monday to see what is what.

  jack 17:47 20 Nov 2007

The happy ending.
Monday morning saw me loading chair into back of car and go in search of the firm- A large tangle of river side trading estates with complex roundabouts and blocked road ends at a former level crossing meant retracing my step to a road bridge and tracking through again -I wonder how a Sat/Nav would have got on?
So I arrived a tatty yard with tattier units therein one of which had piles of office furniture outside on pallets covered in tarps against the rain.
Entered a hardboard partitioned foyer -with a scruffy kitchen off to one side and through a grubby door a small workshop with a lady busy at an industrial sewing machine and a huge disemboweled settee on trestles.
A gent came forward , told him the tale - OK said he bring it in- He took one look - said OK will do ,will phone you.
I went home wondering if I had done the right thing - Nothing like the Web site- that's for sure.
Tuesday[to-day] Phone call - all done He said.
So stopping only to attack a hole in the wall arrived at the place to find- No piles of furniture out side that disemboweled settee gone.- and the place alive with chaps making tea.
And the chair all done.
Price £35. for the replacement gas strut and the labour involved.
So thats a result- Cheaper than buying another chair and as this is a quality chair perhaps a better deal.
But those glamorous Web sites- When I look at one now I wonder about the firms they portray

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