Not a National Health Service

  lofty29 08:38 26 Feb 2008

Hi Right from the start I will state a personal interest, my wife sufers from wet mdc. Now my point is that if we had a true Nhs everybody in the uk would be entitled to the same treatment anywhere,with the proviso that travel may be needed in certain situations, as recent cases have shown, in devon a man cannot get the treatment he needs to save his sight except by paying privately, whereas in scotland he could, at the same time a woman is refused the treament in devon, but is given it in somerset. Also there is a much cheaper treatment available made by the same company, which some area's will use and others will not. The list goes on, We are subject to what is known as postcode lottery for treament so how can it be an NHS

  Monoux 09:03 26 Feb 2008

There was an article in the Sunday Express about villages in England but near the border with Scotland being encouraged to apply to join Scotland as on average there is £1500.00 per head more spent on the people than in England.
This gives rise to free care in old peoples homes , free dentistry and prescriptions. So no loosing your house if you live long enough to need care in your old age.

So no there is not one National Health Service it appears to be very much a postcode lottery , trouble is it affects, in some cases, whether you live or die and this is not good enough.
After all you don’t pay different rates of National Insurance or Tax depending on which part of the UK you live in so why should spending on treatment be different.

  sunny staines 09:39 26 Feb 2008

i have heard of some people renting in scotland and registering with the local dr so they can get treatment that is refused in their home area. or even moving house to such areas.

as you say the treatment should be even and fair across all of G.B. not a lottery. perhaps a civil action by some group much change things.

  johndrew 09:58 26 Feb 2008

One thing seems to have eluded our highly paid `experts` in Whitehall. How can it be `National` when it is all dealt with under `Local` rules and conditions.

It may be paid for on a `National` basis but after the funds are doled out to `Local` PCTs, who apply their own rules to the use of it, it suddenly looks very parochial. Better a national set of rules with the PCTs applying for the funding as necessary and a central fund supplying it. Also a better set of rules (and enforcement of them) as to who is entitled to the provision of services; it works in France and elsewhere.

  numskull 11:46 26 Feb 2008

click here

This might not help but there is a questionnaire asking for your views on the NHS.

  Cymro. 13:40 26 Feb 2008

Like you lofty29 I have a personal interest in this matter but as I live in Wales the situation is even more complicated. As Monoux points out the situation also differs in Scotland.

But the NHS was never a truly national service as certain aspects of it were always devolved to some local health authority or other.

London dishes out the money and then expects the local health authority or whoever to share it out according to local need.

In Wales we have free NHS prescriptions but you can bet your life we pay for it in some way or other such as longer waiting lists for some treatments.

It seems to be a case of swings and roundabouts. If I could afford to move about the UK at will to get the best possible service then all might be well. But if I could afford to move about in such a way I would not need the NHS in the first place.

  jack 15:33 26 Feb 2008

The topic is well covered here in this string and in the national press.

So what is the next move for you?

Letters to your MP. Local Press. Health Minister the whole gambit with copies to the head of your local trust every time.

And keep at 'em.

  numskull 16:08 26 Feb 2008

Sorry, I can't find the questionnaire on the above link. It was there before! I work in the NHS and have never heard of wet mdc. What condition is it?
I cannot find it doing internet searches either.

  johndrew 16:30 26 Feb 2008

click here
click here
click here
click here

and a lot more if you want it.

  numskull 20:02 26 Feb 2008

Thank you johnandrew. I have heard of it just ophthalmics is not my strongest subject.

click here

Contact the Eye Care Services Steering Group
This link is at the bottom of the page.

  numskull 20:29 26 Feb 2008

National Eye Care Services Steering Group - First Report.

click here

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