Not just speeding Policeman but...

  pj123 18:28 26 Aug 2006

Why are they allowed to use their Radio/Mobile Phone whilst driving with one hand on the wheel and we are not?

I have recently seen two Police Cars with blue lights and sirens going and both drivers have a mobile phone/radio held up to their ears. Only one hand on the wheel.

  ade.h 18:30 26 Aug 2006

Oh, these are the new police cars that drive themselves. They only have one hand on the wheel for somewhere to rest it.

  johndere 17:37 27 Aug 2006

How dare you make such comments about the brave boys & girls in blue. Are you going to blame your views on your social misgivings? Or realise theirs one rule for us & one rule for ....

  johndere 17:40 27 Aug 2006

nee naw, nee naw, nee naw, right sonny were the sweeny and we haven't had a breakfast yet, your nicked, see you back at the yard george.

this when coppers chased the bad guys, carried shooters, drove decent cars & went down the pub for a few beers & pulled the bar maid!

  namtas 18:08 27 Aug 2006


The law prohibiting driving whilst using a hand held device does not apply to radio mobiles.

  VCR97 18:40 27 Aug 2006

Whether or not it is legal to use a handset or to use the transmit button on a lapel-mounted radio, it is ridiculous to do so when engaged in high-speed pursuit and negotiating bends and traffic. The technology exists to allow all police vehicles to be fitted with hands-free systems and there is no excuse for not doing this. Some police vehicles are so equipped, so why not all?

  spuds 19:32 27 Aug 2006

VCR97-- Cost is the main factor. Have you seen some of the very expensive kit carried in certain police vehicle nowadays!.

pj123-- There are certain regulations concerning the use of 'mobile' radios. For more information, contact your local police force headquarters.

  oresome 19:37 27 Aug 2006

Is there a ban on holding and using a mobile phone whilst driving?

I wouldn't have guessed so from my everyday observations. There seems to be a widespread disregard for this law as with many others.

  pj123 18:39 06 Sep 2006

Personally I don't see any difference between using a Mobile Phone, a two way radio, smoking a cigarette, listening intently to a radio programme or talking intelligently to a passenger.

All of which would/could take your concentration away from your driving.

  Sapins 20:51 09 Sep 2006

So I can use my Walkie Talkie then?

  hzhzhzhz 21:06 09 Sep 2006

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