Not Just Old Age Pensioners

  morddwyd 23:01 25 Sep 2010

It's not just the so-called vulnerable who get up in Nigerian scams!

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  mark2 07:41 26 Sep 2010

nor, as is often suggested, is it the greedy click here , some further information on the type of scams currently in play click here

  WhiteTruckMan 08:19 26 Sep 2010

I would have said two sides of the same coin!


  morddwyd 08:45 26 Sep 2010

Not sure about that.

I would never think of myself as greedy, but frequently have thoughts along the other line!

  Forum Editor 09:04 26 Sep 2010

it's a substantially different thing.

That a local authority could have been so lax as to allow a change of bank details in response to a forged document, with no reference back to the supposed originator almost defies belief.

I'm occasionally asked to talk to groups of business people on the subject of internal security procedures, and one of the basic points I make is the need for any document or email that involves a request affecting any financial transaction to be checked back to the originator. In addition there should be at least two concurring authorities before any payments are made in response to such requests.

It isn't rocket science.

  Colin 11:05 26 Sep 2010

I've worked for a local authority, and though you can't say it would never happen, but in their procedures there was no way a non legitimate supplier could get paid. I wonder what systems the Council had in place or was it done with inside help?

  jack 11:07 26 Sep 2010

Who is older enough to remember the reports of Carbon Paper Scams?

One firm I worked at in the '70s required me to set up an exhibition of its long history- A 'start up' company in the Early 19th c Industrial Revolution.
So off to the archives in the basement I went.
Whilst digging out stuff I came upon a cage with piles of boxes therein.
I opened one- Carbon Paper- OK - they use that in the Typing Pool[ recently renamed - 'Word Processing dpt']
Along side were other boxes -different shape- took a peek- inside cartons of double sided adhesive pads-%0 to a box - a Hundred or so Boxes.
Good -ho me thought can use some of those for the displays.
So off to my studio I trotted with the archival material and a couple boxes of pads.
Several days later my boss called by to see progress- When his eyes alighted on the those boxes of pads.
A sharp intake of breath
'Put them in your drawer' he said
We are not supposed to know about those .
Another rip off perhaps may be?

  Pineman100 11:55 26 Sep 2010

I suspect that the larger an organisation gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to supplier scams. The ordering department, the goods inward department and the accounts department become ever more remote from the each other, so the risk of unordered and/or undelivered supplies being paid for becomes ever greater.

As FE says, company verification systems need to be airtight to avoid this risk. Any laxity is bound to create vulnerabilities.

  spuds 15:35 26 Sep 2010

With the government tightening up on council's, I notice that some council's are thinking of merging with other council's and certain departments who will then combine certain procedures like accounting and HR.

Hate to say this, but during any transition stages of a merger, security would need to be paramount, but I wonder if it will, and we hear of lost laptops, memory sticks etc?.

  wids001 08:37 27 Sep 2010

Many, many years ago I worked for a large construction company, who, over the period of months paid out thousands to a well organised scam posing as a supplier. Apparently these people sent dummy invoices into large companies in the hope that they would just be paid without any questions asked by the accounts departments.
The young girl in accounts who was clearing these for payment did so on the say-so of a site manager. She then raised the cheques and then got the M.D. to sign them off!
They only found out they were a victim of a scam when the girl went on holiday.

I can remember the police being involved and taking the girl and the site manager in for questioning - neither were involved with the scam as such but both lost their jobs. The M.D. is now the Chairman!

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