Not Just Any NHS Reform

  oresome 15:59 15 Feb 2014

Stuart Rose, once top dog at M&S has been tasked with reforming the management at failing NHS trusts.

Rose undoubtedly has retail expertise, although his tenure at M&S produced mixed results and the retailer continues to struggle to this day. I'm not convinced though that his expertise can be quickly put to use in a complex structure like the NHS and make a material difference.

Politicians seem to have a penchant for inviting famous names to come up with solutions to complex problems that require more than what will in effect be a cursory glance in the overall scale of the NHS.

  Forum Editor 17:08 15 Feb 2014

It's probably better than doing nothing, isn't it?

Stuart Rose was named Business leader of the year in 2006 for his work in transforming M&S. He is Chairman of Ocado, and has been Chairman of the Business Community. He is a man who has worked his way up from the shop floor. He didn't go to the 'right' schools, and hasn't arrived at the top via the old boys' network.

His job is to advise the government on culture changes within the NHS, and I think we should all be wishing him good luck - he has taken on something that could hardly be described as a plum job.

  oresome 17:18 15 Feb 2014

It's probably better than doing nothing, isn't it?

Could that be classed as a straw argument?

Is doing nothing the only possible alternative course of action for the Health Secretary to take?

  wee eddie 21:56 15 Feb 2014

Both main Parties agree that the NHS is in need but disagree as to the solution.

It has become top heavy and needs some rethinking, preferably without major layoffs. This man has the track record to suggest that he may be the person to carry it out

  fourm member 09:41 16 Feb 2014


'Wonder what Salary he will be on.'

It's an unpaid advisory post as every report I've read makes clear.

  oresome 11:27 16 Feb 2014

Mary Portas, Philip Green and Alan Sugar have all been enlisted by politicians to come up with ideas for ailing enterprises.

Perhaps we could get the Dragons from the Den to add their tuppence worth.

  fourm member 11:51 16 Feb 2014

'I suppose it is like a fish shop manager telling the butcher how to run their business.'

A fish shop manager may well have insights into recruiting, retaining and motivating staff that would be helpful to a butcher.

  Forum Editor 12:01 16 Feb 2014

An intimate knowledge of the NHS is not necessary when it comes to doing what Stuart Rose has been asked to do.

He will advise on culture changes, and that is precisely where the NHS badly needs overhauling. I don't think anyone is saying that the required level of medical expertise doesn't exist, but when it comes to admin and communications the NHS is in trouble. Medical staff feel disillusioned and lacking in motivation, and admin staff are overdurdened with what they often feel are unnecessarily petty box-ticking tasks.

Everyone feels under enormous pressure to meet targets which they sometimes see as unrealistic.

Perhaps a fresh set of outsider eyes and skills will help, perhaps it won't, but it's certainly worth trying.

  Pine Man 12:03 16 Feb 2014

HM Inspector of Constabulary has never been a policeman.

  oresome 12:46 16 Feb 2014

In a previous life, I used to wander around hospitals and I was always amazed at the entire theatre wings of hospitals that were deserted on a Friday afternoon and then presumably remained that way for the entire weekend.

A widget making factory would no doubt be utilising it's resources 24/7 to best effect.

A similar situation occurred at universities. Mile upon mile of corridors and halls, all lit and heated with barely a person in sight.

  fourm member 13:38 16 Feb 2014


Within the past two years, I've had an MRI scan at 9pm on a Thursday and my wife has seen a neurosurgeon and an ENT consultant on Saturday mornings. She also had a booking for surgery on a Saturday though that had to be postponed for reasons unrelated to the day.

There does seem to be a trend towards making better use of assets.

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